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rules & regulations

  1. Use of the Resource centre is conditional on observance of the Rules and Regulations. Users must comply with these and with any reasonable request or instruction issued by library staff. Anyone failing to do so may be excluded from the centre and/or incur a fine. The Librarian reserves the right to refer any breaches of the Rules and Regulations and/or improper behavior towards library staff for consideration within the terms of the appropriate NMIMS disciplinary procedures.
  2. Access to the Resource centre is restricted to staff and students of the NMIMS who are in possession of a current valid identification card issued by NMIMS, and to such other persons as may be authorized by the Librarian.
  3. Details of each user's name, address, department and such particulars as may be deemed necessary for the secure and effective operation of the centre's service are used in the centre's computer systems, on the understanding that this information will be held securely, divulged only as permitted and used only for purposes registered and approved.
  4. Students are required to carry their NMIMS student card and staff to carry their NMIMS staff identity card to get entry and to use the centre, and must produce this when required doing so by an authorized person. This card must be used only by the member to whom it is issued.
  5. Bags, etc, are not allowed in the centre. For reasons of security, bags and other personal possessions should not be left unattended. The centre has no responsibility in case of damage to or theft of personal property.
  6. Silence is required in study areas. The use of mobile phones in the Resource centre is prohibited. Phones should be either switched off, or set to silent ring mode. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a fine and/or exclusion from the centre. Violation of the rules will lead to fine and /or suspension of student for 3 weeks.
  7. The consumption of food and beverages (with the exception of bottled water) and the use of personal audio equipment are not permitted in the centre.
  8. Photography, filming, video-taping and audio-taping in the centre is not allowed.
  9. Mans operated personal equipment should not be used without the prior permission of the Librarian.
  10. Users are required to comply with copyright regulations as displayed by the photocopiers.
  11. Data retrieved from the electronic resources may not be used for purposes other than teaching, research, personal educational development, administration and management of NMIMS, and development work associated with any of the aforementioned. Use of the data is not permitted for consultancy or services leading to commercial exploitation of the data, or for work of significant benefit to the employer of students on industrial placement or part-time courses. Users must also comply with the specific requirements of individual data providers. Passwords must never be revealed to others.
  12. The removal of any material from the centre must be properly authorized and recorded. Damage to, or unauthorized removal of, material constitutes a serious offence and may lead to a fine or to disciplinary action.
  13. Fine of Rs.3.00 per day per book is levied on overdue books. Students can check their account details online in OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and also be notified of overdue items by e-mail to their NMIMS e-mail account. If fines or charges are outstanding, borrowing rights will be withdrawn and passwords for accessing electronic services withheld until such time as those fines are paid. Reference books, Journals / magazines and Audio/Video material are strictly to be used / viewed in the centre only.
  14. Users are responsible for material borrowed on their cards and will be required to pay for any damage to, or loss of, material borrowed at replacement cost, plus an administrative charge. Borrowing rights are withdrawn while payment is outstanding.
  15. Access to centre and/or borrowing rights may also be withdrawn temporarily if fees/charges in other parts of the NMIMS are outstanding.
  16. The award of a NMIMS qualification will be deferred until all books have been returned and outstanding fines/charges paid.
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