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Madhavi Gokhale

Dr. Madhavi Gokhale

Discipline Chairperson (Communications & Soft Skills) & Professor

Phone - (022) 4235-5555

Email -

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Ph. D., Humanities and Social Sciences Dept., IIT Bombay, 2013
    Dissertation: The Nature of Contemporary Inspirational Literature with special reference to the works of Richard Bach and Paulo Coelho
  • M. Phil, University of Mumbai, 1996
    Major: English Literature
  • M. A, University of Mumbai, 1988
    Major: English Literature
  • B. A, University of Mumbai, 1986
    Major: English Literature

Honors and Awards

  • Highest feedback points for training senior IPS officers in Communication Skills during a mid-level career training program at the National Police Academy (Hyderabad) conducted jointly by SPJIMR and University College (London) 2015
  • Jury Award for an article titled “Portrayal of women in the media” contributed to the Literary Arts Contest organized by IIT Bombay, 2013
  • “Excellence in Teaching” award from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, 2009
  • Contributed to curriculum design of the course in Communication Skills for engineering students of Mumbai University in 2002, 2007 and 2012



Indian Society for Technical Education

Editorial boards :

Bhavans Andheri Parivar monthly newsletter (Contributing editor)

Courses Taught

Communication skills and soft skills

Teaching Experience: 24 years

Teaching and pedagogical Innovations:

Speakers’ Club (an informal activity to encourage students to overcome stage fright and improve oral communication) from 2005 to 2015

Ph.D. Topic

The Nature of Contemporary Inspirational Literature with Special Reference to the Works of Richard Bach and Paulo Coelho

Research Interest

Innovations in teaching Communication skills; strategies for effective communication and better listening.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Madhavi Gokhale, Milind Malshe, (2010), “What is “literariness”? A Conceptual Mapping”, Critical Enquiry, Volume II, Issue IV, October-December 2010, ISSN 0975-0096, pp. 100-113.
  • Madhavi Gokhale and Milind Malshe, (2011), “From Suffering to Hope and Faith: The Pragmatic Value of Inspirational Literature”, presented at the 1st Global Conference on “Making Sense of Suffering” at Prague, Czech Republic (November 11-13, 2011) and published in the journal Making Sense of Suffering: Theory, Practice and Representation, Vol. 154, ISBN-978-1-84888-060-3, pp. 121-135.
  • Madhavi Gokhale, (2012), “Simplification in Contemporary Self-help literature”, presented at the International Conference on Society, Humanity and History (ICSHH), at Singapore, July 23-24, 2012 and published as an extended paper titled “Implications of Simplification in Contemporary Self-help literature” in the International Journal of Social Sciences & Humanity (IJSHH) Volume 2, No. 5, ISSN 2010-3646, pp. 392-396.

Research in Progress:

Evaluating different approaches to teaching communication strategies in technical and managerial schools

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