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Dr. Sashi Sivramkrishna

Associate Professor, SBM, NMIMS

Economics of Participation & Labour-Managed Systems

Phone - (022) 4235-5555


Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Ph.D, MA Economics


- Professor of Economics, NMIMS (2011 – Present)
- Director, Foundation to Aid Industrial Recovery (FAIR) (1992 – Present)
- Proprietor, Family Business. (1990 - 2003).

Honors and Awards

  • Gold medal, M.A., University of Bombay


Presently on the Board of Studies, Department of Economics, Christ University. Editorial Board:
– Global Environment: A Journal of Transdisciplinary History, White Horse Press.
– Journal of Economic & Public Policy – NMIMS.

Book Published:

  • The Curse of Talakad: (Re)Situating and (Re)Contextualizing a Legend in History, Rupa & Co., New Delhi, 2005.
  • In Search of Stability: Economics of Money, History of the Rupee: traces the history of the rupee from 1542 to 1971 (with an epilogue that extends to the present) from a monetary economics perspective, Manohar Book Publishers, New Delhi, India, 2015, and Routledge, London/New York, 2017.
  • The Role of Social Movements in Economic Change: Cases from Maharashtra, India (unpublished Ph.D. dissertation), Cornell University, 1990.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2016). "Cracks in BRICs: A Sectoral Financial Balances Analysis and Implications for Macroeconomic Policy". Theoretical & Applied Economics, XXIII(3 (608)), 53-78. 
  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2016). "Can a Country Really Go Broke? Deconstructing Saudi Arabia's Macroeconomi Crisis". Real World Economics Review(76), 75-94. 
  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2016). "China's Macroeconomics Policy Options: A Sectoral Financial Balances Perspective". Studies in Business & Economics, 11(1), 152-163. 
  • Sivramakrishna, S. (2015). "Decentring Fiscal Deficit Target Numbers in the Macroeconomics Policy Debate". Economic & Political Weekly, L(19).
  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2015). An Estimation of Agricultural Productivity in Erstwhile Mysore and South Canara, Southern India, from Francis Buchanan’s Journey of 1800-01: Positioning India in the Great Divergence Debate. Economic & Political Weekly, L(16). 
  • Sivramakrishna, S. (2015). "India's Failed Transition to a Gold Currency in the 1860s and the Emergence of the Classical Gold Standard". Economic & Political Weekly, L(4), 48 - 58. 
  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2013). From Merchant to Merchant-Ruler: A Structure-Conduct-Performance Perspective of the East India Company’s History, 1600-1765. Business History, Harvard Business School, 56(5), 789-815. 
  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2013). Iron Smelting and the State in Pre- and Early-Colonial India: Unearthing the Roots of Statutory Forest Law. Economic & Political Weekly, XLVIII(5), 39-49. 
  • Sivramkrishna, S., Jyotishi, A. (2009). A heuristic analysis of equity and equality in the institutionalisation of property rights: the Baliraja water distribution experiment, India. International Journal Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology, 8(1). 
  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2009). Ascertaining Living Standards in Erstwhile Mysore, Southern India, from Francis Buchanan’s Journey of 1800-01: An Empirical Contribution to the Great Divergence Debate. The Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, 52((4-5)), 695-733. 
  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2009). Macroeconomic and Environmental History: The Impact of Currency Depreciation on Forests in British India, 1873 – 1893. Global Environment: A Journal of History and Natural and Social Sciences, IV, 118-155.

Conference Proceedings

  • Mishra, U., Sivaramakrishnan, S., Karthik, R., Jyotishi, A. (2014). Impact of Globalization on Indian Industry: Case pf Financialization in IT and Non IT Sectors. Singapore: SIGMIS CPR 2014.

Journal Articles

  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2009). Production Cycles and Decline in Traditional Iron Smelting in the Maidan, Southern India, C. 1750-1950: An Environmental Hostory Perspective. Environment and History(15 (2)).


  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2012). Through the Looking Glass. Spectrum, Deccan Herald. 
  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2011). Black Earth and Smelting Locations. Spectrum, Deccan Herald. 
  • Sivramkrishna, S. (2011). New Spin on an Old Journey. Spectrum, Deccan Herald.


  • Jyotishi, A., Sivramkrishna, S. (2011). The Forest and the Trees: Delineating the Protected Area Debate in India (Working Paper No. 110/2011 ed.). Coimbatore: Amrita School of Business, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Presentations Given

  • Sivramkrishna, S., Mishra, U., R., K., Jyotishi, A., SIGMIS CPR2014, "Impacts of Globalization on Indian Industry: Case of Financialization in IT and non-IT industry," Singapore. (May 2014). 
  • Sivramkrishna, S., Annual Economic History Society Conference, "A golden opportunity: India’s failed transition from the silver rupee to a gold currency in the 1860s," University of York. (April 2013). 
  • Sivramkrishna, S., , Legal Pluralism in Natural Resource Management, "Iron Smelting and the State in Pre- and Early-Colonial India: Unearthing the Roots of Statutory Forest Law," Amrita School of Business, Ettimadai. (March 2012). 
  • Sivramkrishna, S., Jyotishi, A., Jubilee Congress of the Commission on Legal Pluralism, "The Forest and the Trees: Delineating the Protected Area Debate in India," University of Cape Town, South Africa. (2011). 
  • Sivramkrishna, S., National Seminar on Scientific Knowledge, Cultural Technologies and Colonial Explorations of Peninsular India, "Agricultural productivity in erstwhile Mysore and South Canara using data from Buchanan's Journey," Department of History, Pondicherry University. (2011). 
  • Sivramkrishna, S., National Seminar on the Urban Growth of Bangalore with special reference to Bangalore Cantonment (1809-2009),, "Pre-Cantonment Bangalore c.1800: Some Environmental and Economic Inferences from Francis Buchanan's Journey and Other Sources," Department of History, Christ University. (2010).
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