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Journal Articles ABDC “A*”, “A”, “B” Category

1. Sreeram Sivaramakrishnan, Mala Srivastava, Anupam Rastogi, (2017); Attitudinal Factors, Financial Literacy, and Stock Market Participation, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Emerald Publications, XXXV (5), 818-841, (ABDC "B")

2. Arun Sharma, S. Nair, (2017); Switching behaviour as a function of number of options: How much is too much for consumer choice decisions?, Journal Consumer Behavior, Wiley, I (8), (ABDC "B")

3. Namrata Sharma, Bidya Sahay, Ravi Shankar, P.R.S. Sarma, (2017); Supply Chain Agility: Review, Classification and Synthesis, International Journal of Logistics Research and Application, (ABDC "B")

4. Sumi Jha, (2017); Mediating effect of superior subordinate relationship and climate of innovation on psychological empowerment, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, LXVI (7), 932-947, (ABDC "B")

5. Ashok Kumar Nag, (2016); Lost Due To Demonetisation, Economic & Political Weekly, LI (48), (ABDC "B")

6. Rohan Jha, Bidya Sahay, P. Charan, (2016); Healthcare Operations Management: A Structured Literature Review, Decision, XLIII (3), 259-279, (ABDC "A")

7. Manojit Chattopadhyay, Sourav Sengupta, Bidya Sahay, (2016); Visual Hierarchical Clustering of Supply Chain using Growing Hierarchical Self Organizing Map Algorithm, International Journal of Production Research, LIV (9), 2552-2557, (ABDC "A")

8. Dr. Bijith Marakarkandy, Nilay Yajnik, Chandan Dasgupta, (2016); Enabling Internet Banking Adoption: An Empirical Examination with an Augmented Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Emerald Publishing Limited, XXX (2), 263-294, (ABDC "B")

9. Chandrima Sikdar, (2016); Impact of population on carbon emission: Lessons from India, United Nations ESCAP’s journal. Asia Pacific Development journal, XXIII (1), 105-132, (ABDC "B")

10. Chandrima Sikdar, (2016); Productivity and Research & Development content of intermediate inputs-evidence from Indian industries, Journal of Developing Areas, (ABDC "B")

11. Ramesh Narasimhan, (2016); PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTERSHIP (PPP) OUTCOMES IN E-GOVERNMENT – A SOCIAL CAPITAL EXPLANATION, International Journal of Public Sector Management, `Emerald Group publication, (ABDC "B")

12. Shamim Mondal, Gaurav Jetley, (2016); Rights Issues and Creeping Acquisitions in India, Emerging Markets Review, (ABDC "A")

13. Sashi Sivaramkrishna, (2015); Decentring Fiscal Deficit Target Numbers in the Macroeconomics Policy Debate, Economic & Political Weekly, L (19), (ABDC "B")

14. Sashi Sivaramkrishna, (2015); An Estimation of Agricultural Productivity in Erstwhile Mysore and South Canada, Southern India, from Francis Buchanan’s Journey of 1800-01: Positioning India in the Great Divergence Debate, Economic & Political Weekly, L (16), (ABDC "B")

15. Sashi Sivaramkrishna, (2015); India's Failed Transition to a Gold Currency in the 1860s and the Emergence of the Classical Gold Standard, Economic & Political Weekly, L (4), 48 - 58, (ABDC "B")

16. S. S. Bhattacharyya, Sumi Jha, C Fernandes, (2015); Determinants of speed to market in the context of the emerging Indian market, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, XXVII (5), 784-800, (ABDC "B")

17. Shweta Maheshwari, Veena Vohra, (2015); Identifying critical HR practices impacting employee perception and commitment during organization change, Journal of Organisational Change Management, Emerald publishing, XXVIII (5), 872-894, (ABDC "B")

18. Sashi Sivaramkrishna, (2013); From Merchant to Merchant-Ruler: A Structure-Conduct-Performance Perspective of the East India Company’s History, 1600-1765, Business History, Harvard Business School, LVI (5), 789-815, (ABDC "A")

19. Sashi Sivaramkrishna, (2013); Iron Smelting and the State in Pre- and Early-Colonial India: Unearthing the Roots of Statutory Forest Law, Economic & Political Weekly, XLVIII (5), 39-49, (ABDC "B")

20. K. S Mishra, Manoj Kumar, (2012); A Comprehensive Model of Information Search and Processing Behaviour of Mutual Fund Investors, Journal of Financial Services Marketing, XVII (1), 31-49, (ABDC "B")

21. S Jindal, Manoj Kumar, (2012); The Determinants of HC Disclosures of Indian Firms, Journal of Intellectual Capital, XIII (2), 221 - 247, (ABDC "B")

22. K. S Mishra, Manoj Kumar, (2012); The Impact of Perceived Purchase Risk on Investment Behaviour of Mutual Fund Investors, Decision, XXXIX (2), (ABDC "A")

Journal Articles (In Press)

1. Chandrima Sikdar, (in press); The nexus between carbon emission, energy consumption, economic growth and changing economic structure in India: A multivariate co integration approach, Journal of Developing Areas, (ABDC "B")

2. Prashant Barsing, (in press); Sigma Level Computation for Unruly Data: Case of Indian Railways, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Elsevier, (ABDC "A*")

3. Somnath Roy, (in press); A Longitudinal Study of Factors Influencing User Perceptions During ERP Implementation , Enterprise Information Systems, (ABDC "A")

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