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Executive MBA - Introduction

SVKM’s NMIMS is a premier educational institution and its School of Business Management is ranked amongst India’s top-ten business schools. In a knowledge economy with a rapidly changing technological and business environment, it is imperative that every business manager realign the kaleidoscope of learning to capture the most recent global and local business trends. In a fast-paced highly globalized and volatile business environment, a flexible, value-adding and world-class MBA degree becomes a necessity to accelerate the career pace of an ambitious manager.

EMBA from SBM, NMIMS is specially designed for a fast-track executive who wants to acquire a professional education without taking a career break. The program offers a highly updated and well-researched curriculum through innovative pedagogic interface. It optimizes the in-class inputs through peer learning by inducing a group-centered learning environment. This program ensures the development of essential managerial skills and competencies with important business tools, to enable work-based application of concepts in one’s immediate job. One can actually see the benefit in tangible and measurable terms both for the individual and the organization.

The Part-Time MBA program at NMIMS has a legacy which dates back to 1986-1987 when the first batch of Part-Time MBA students enrolled at SBM, NMIMS. Subsequently upon acquiring a deemed university status in 2002, this program was redesigned and adapted to the industry needs to help the participants gain significant competitive advantage through specially developed industry-focused curriculum.

The EMBA program is an endeavor in learning which encompasses some highly engaging and intellectual academic experiences selected specially from business and industry expertise. The exciting academic exposure that this program offers is truly unique. It helps a highly-driven middle or senior manager to champion change through an orientation in organizational leadership and managerial competencies.

Amenities & Infrastructure

SVKM’s NMIMS Deemed University is a pioneer in the field of education. It has a rich tradition of giving the best amenities to every student on the campus. The School of Business Management at NMIMS enjoys world-class infrastructure with state-of-the art classrooms, complete with sophisticated audio-visual aids. The entire campus is wi-fi enabled enhancing the learning experience of the executive student on the go. There is a vast learning resource center with numerous titles on management and business administration in all areas of knowledge, along with a select collection of DVDs, VCDs and videos.

A different experience in learning "Off the Beaten Path”

The NMIMS EMBA program is a highly invigorating intellectual experience for those who seek the best in education. The unique features of this program include a curriculum developed exclusively for this program which combines the best in theory and practice. The pedagogy used to impart the courses is innovative and with a strong focus on case-based learning, to provide a real-world perspective. The rigorous in-class engagement will be complemented with a slew of projects and assignments to synchronize the efforts of a working executive for the most rewarding learning experience.

The faculty resources culled from the industry and the academia will not just be excellent facilitators in class but also act as mentors and consultants to help solve any problems that one may encounter while pursuing EMBA at NMIMS. The program is unique in its approach and enjoys several features which make executive education more approachable. Some of its salient features include:

  • A highly flexible curriculum design offering program completion option in a fast-track 15 months or 24 months duration
  • A learner-driven Credit-based E-MBA program which helps one fulfill professional, personal and academic commitments simultaneously
  • Participant can register for a module as per one’s convenience subject to completion of pre-requisite courses
  • Exams will be conducted after every quarter
  • An extremely well-researched syllabi and course offerings, keeping the program leverage high through industry and research oriented approach to curriculum design
  • Creatively engaging pedagogy with case-based teaching, maximizing in-class participant engagement
  • An opportunity to enhance peer networking and value-added collaborative learning through group work
  • An approach to build strategic managerial competencies through insightful core and elective modules providing an opportunity to imbibe the nuances of management through reflection and deliberation
  • Enabling a perspective on research through a special dissertation to be submitted during the program
  • Specialization available in areas of Finance, Marketing, HR, Information Systems, & Operations to refashion managers well-endowed in a particular functional area
  • Dual specialization option available to those who want to specialize in two disciplines
  • Core courses designed to help managers hone their general management skills to emerge as generalists with holistic orientation

The Programme Architecture

The E-MBA programme is offered through an extremely engaging pedagogical interface with the courses being rolled out through a highly flexible program design. This ensures a continuous stream of inputs being available to participant by sustaining one’s zest to learn. To maximize the use of in-class resources, these resources are culled with special attention to a working executive’s profile and requirements. It is a 58 credits programme and modules are to be offered every week. One has the choice to take a module one week and take the next week off. This one-week’s time off can be easily used to meet academic requirements, as well as work and personal commitments. The program is a blend of core courses and electives which are essential to any executive participant’s growth as a leader. This program is designed to build a strong foundation in general management through core courses and it will also offer adequate rigor in chosen areas of specialization for functional competencies. The participant gains profound exposure through these courses in the respective academic areas to ensure that each learning experience is rewarding.

The Philosophy that shaped the crucible of E-MBA

The fountainhead of management should merge both practice and theory to craft the best managers. This thought underlies the E-MBA design and sustains the program’s core thrust to amalgamate thought with practice. We at NMIMS steadfastly believe that learning should be a learner-based process and must revolve around the learner’s needs. It is our philosophy to respect the needs of the working executives whose fast-paced life style balances family and work commitments along with academic pressures.

Besides, imparting knowledge, any process of learning must culminate in reflection and application to synthesize this knowledge for higher objectives. This exciting journey of learning must therefore continue with a quest for more refined forms of knowledge. In the world of management, intellectual thresholds shift beyond current thought and practice all the time, and so our attempt at NMIMS is to make this journey of learning more contemporary and relevant to help solve tomorrow’s problems today by nurturing human creativity and curiosity. Refashioning a world-class manager is not just our mission; it is a social commitment and an academic passion with a promise of creating better corporate leaders to enable Indian business organizations to achieve global standards of excellence.

Programme Curriculum and Pedagogy

The student is required to complete 58 credit courses for this program. This includes 24 core courses and 12 electives, along with a dissertation which is the equivalent of 4 full credit courses

The curriculum design ensures that the pre-requisite courses, wherever recommended, are completed sequentially. This program aims at a multi-disciplinary approach and offers a blend of courses in the areas of Finance, Economics, Statistics, Marketing, Organizational Behavior and other spheres of management. There is a cogent attempt to bring the best in each of these disciplines to acquaint the participant with the problems faced in the real-world.

E-MBA program has been designed with a view to offering the participants strategic insight into key business issues by adopting a problem-solving approach to imparting the course inputs. There is an overwhelming need to excite the working managers to this awareness that all business management decisions are often made in extremely fluid and volatile business conditions with many unknown variables impacting the business outcomes. In order to work effectively, such a manager will need exposure to several management inputs along with an ability to analyze the underlying issues impacting their business. There is pre-requisite course-work within the program which will ensure that participants get an opportunity to understand the practical application of concepts learnt.

The program provides an opportunity to specialize in Finance, Marketing, Information Systems, HR and Operations, subject to a minimum registration of 10 students for a given specialization. Executives can opt to specialize in their functional area through a careful choice of available options. There is an option for dual specialization. One can also choose to opt for a general management program instead of specializing in any area.

The pedagogy includes lectures, case studies, quizzes, business games, role-plays, simulations, group work and even films to ensure interactive learning sessions in each class. This is a clear departure from "Chalk and talk” approach and surely includes lot of pre-reading work on the part of the participants to ensure that every session is a real-value exercise. Participants should expect surprise tests and quizzes to stimulate their imagination; this will also encourage pre-class preparation and self-study.

There is a special provision for group work in each course in order to ensure that there is adequate peer-learning. Participants will be divided into small study groups so that they can work in groups and later submit assignments, presentations or projects as an outcome of their team work. The group synergy will foster networking with like-minded business associates who will be of immense value in terms of an ever-lasting contact and a professional leverage.

A Dissertation, which is the equivalent of 4 credits, is a compulsory feature of this program, and this will have to be submitted at the end of the program. Adequate time will be given to the participant to complete the dissertation. This dissertation will not just reinforce the learning acquired in the area of specialization but will also help the student in developing a perspective on research.

Assessment and Award of Executive Masters in Business Administration

The E-MBA program entails continuous assessment through numerous traditional and creative assessment tools such as end-term exams, quizzes, surprise tests, assignments, group work, projects, and class presentations. Participants will be assessed regularly for their performance in various courses. Upon completion of the program, the participant will be awarded a degree certificate titled Master of Business Administration (Executive) by NMIMS.

Our several years of expertise in management education will surely help executives actualize their own potential as business leaders and E-MBA from NMIMS will throw open the portals of opportunities for their professional growth. Our high quality standards are a guarantee of how we give the best value for money and time. Surely, in order to carve out a niche in business management any executive will want to associate with the brand NMIMS. We welcome the executives to be a part of the NMIMS experience through this EMBA program and assure them that it will be one of the best academic interfaces that they have encountered so far.

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Mr. Rolston Fernandez- VP , Goldmann Sachs.

Mr. Zameer Nathani – Legal Head, Raymonds

Mr. McEwen Pereira- GM , Blue Dart Express Ltd.

Mr. Pabitra Pradhan- Project Director, Tekeir Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Nandlal Singh- GM- Head Engineering Services, TATA Realty & Infrastructure Ltd.

Mr. S.N.Shrihari – GM- MIS Enercon (I) Ltd.

Mr. Vishal Doshi – Sr. VP , Rajesh Spaces Ltd.

Mr. Pavan Kapoor – Director, J K Global Infratrade P. Ltd.

Mr. Jayanta Mukhopadhaya – Chief Engg. ONGC

Mr. G. Jaishankar – GM – ONGC.

Mr. P. A. Jasani – VP – Bank of America.

Mr. A. Rudra – VP & Head Ops.- IDBI Carnal Market .

Mr. Vipul Agarwal – Chief manager- SBI.

Mr. Ajit Singh- VP – Infinium Precious Resources Ltd.

Mr. Vivek Jaswal- Head projects- Wind World (I) Ltd.

Mr. Kakati Shyamanta – GM – Reliance Industries Ltd.

Mr. S. Khosla – AVP – IIFL Wealth Management.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta _ GM – NABARD.

Mr. Ashish Malhotra – Sr. VP – Ogilvy & Mather.

Mr. Ashoke pandey – DGM – SIDBI.

Mr. Ravindra Parmar – Head IT – Vodafone India.

Mr. Rijia Vishal – AVP – Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

Mr. Amit Sethia -VP– Infinium Precious Resources Ltd.

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