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Head CSR

Metro Brands Ltd

"The most important thing which I gained during and post completion of my Part Time MBA programme in Social Entrepreneurship is CONFIDENCE.”

Till 2014, I was a thorough Banker backed with around 25 years of work experience, serving blue chip corporate clients. I had power to disburse substantial credit facilities and a fancy designation to massage my ego, but I was not happy. Life was full of stress, with hardly any time for family, hobbies, volunteering etc. In the meanwhile, in the year 2014, there was a job offer on our internal job site for a Manager at our Foundation to look after / conduct yearly financial audit and impact studies of all our CSR projects. I accepted it. Being a seasoned credit manager with a sincere liking for volunteering, very soon I got settled in my new role as a CSR professional. Since I was enjoying my new role and was thinking to pursue this as my long-term career, I decided to get my basics right in this field and get a professional degree. This is how I got enrolled in this Part Time MBA programme in Social Entrepreneurship at NMIMS, Mumbai

In the year 2015, it was after a gap of 25 long years that I was back to school. A bit nervous, I still clearly remember the words of our Dean’s opening remarks that if the students (we) attend lectures regularly, it would be very difficult for them to fail. This is what I followed till the end of the course and found it to be very true. The SE course syllabus covers almost everything required to set up an enterprise, but the most important learning was working in teams, groups, helping and at times taking help from fellow classmates, professors. In my early days at NMIMS, I was very low on confidence. Initially, I was not even able to complete my part of our project presentation in front of the class. But with the constant help and encouragement from my classmates and professors, I gradually build up on my presentation skills and this resulted in me topping the class in our final Business Plan presentation

Sufficiently armed with the PTMBA-SE learnings, I started to implement the same at ABF. We set up systems, processes, SOPs for each desk. Basic structures were defined for proposal writing, MIS, conduct of need assessments, due diligence, baseline studies, yearly financial audits, midterm and end-term impact studies for all our CSR projects. Till 2019, I was with ABF and ensured that all my learnings were effectively implemented there. Backed with the Part Time MBA programme in Social Entrepreneurship degree and five years of CSR working experience at ABF, In June 2019, I shifted to Metro Brands Ltd as their CSR Head

Being in the retail business of footwear, we have decided to work for the benefit of our own stakeholders who are in need i.e. for the cobbler community as well as on recycling of old discarded footwear. A need assessment study initiated by us, will provide us the exact needs, requirements and aspirations of our cobbler community. This will help us to design suitable interventions under our CSR for them. Old discarded footwear are very difficult to decompose. Ultimately, they are pushed to landfills and oceans causing severe damage to our environment. After collecting the old discarded footwear through various sources, it would be sorted. The better ones would be cleaned, sanitized and distributed to the needy pupils. For the totally discarded ones, we are in the process of conducting pyrolysis tests, which will produce gas and furnace oils and / or manufacturing soft tiles from their soles which would help in softening children play areas and / or disposing them off at cement kilns.

The most important thing which I gained during and post completion of my Part Time MBA programme in Social Entrepreneurship is CONFIDENCE. Earlier also I had decades of work experience and liking for the social field. But, at NMIMS I got my basics right, improved on my written & verbal presentation skills, got the required courage to accept the Head CSR position. Because of my learnings at NMIMS, I was able to convince my Board to chart a path / strategy to work for our cobbler community as well as towards recycling of discarded footwear in an Eco-friendly manner, thus becoming the first company working in this field in our Footwear Industry



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