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FacultY at sbm, nmims

Business Environment and Strategy


Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy

Associate Dean Accreditation & Professor


Dr. Meena Galliara

Director, Jasani Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Management, Program Chairperson-PTMBA (Social Entrepreneurship) & Professor

Sujata Mukherjee

Dr. Sujata Mukherjee

Associate Professor & Faculty In Charge - ETW


Dr. Dayanand Shetty

Assistant Professor

Dr. M. K. Satish

Dr. M. K. Satish

Associate Professor

gayatri sampath

Dr. Gayatri Sampath

Assistant Professor

Shibani Belwalkar

Dr. Shibani Belwalkar

Assistant professor


Ramesh Bhat

Dr. Ramesh Bhat

Provost, Management Education and Dean, School of Business Management

 Mayank Joshipura

Dr. Mayank Joshipura

Discipline Chairperson - Finance & Professor

Anupam Rastogi

Dr. Anupam Rastogi

Senior Professor & Faculty In Charge Admissions

Paritosh Chandra Basu

Dr. Paritosh Basu

Senior Professor & Programme Chairperson – MBA Law

Chandan Dasgupta

Dr. Chandan Dasgupta

Professor and Area Chairperson Finance

Dr. Ranjan Chakravarty

Senior Professor

Sangeeta Wats

Dr. Sangeeta Wats

Associate Professor and Faculty In Charge - Defense


Dr. Sachin Mathur

Associate Professor

Smita Mazumdar

Dr. Smita Mazumdar

Assistant Professor & Programme Chairperson - MBA



Dr. Uma Narain

Dean In-charge (Jyoti Dalal School of Liberal Arts), Professor (Communications)

Madhavi Gokhale

Dr. Madhavi Gokhale

Discipline Chairperson (Communications & Soft Skills) & Professor

Santana Pathak

Santana Pathak

Assistant Professor


Papiya De

Assistant professor


Dr. Deepti Ganapathy

Assistant professor


Dipti Kulkarni

Assistant professor


Chandrima Sikdar

Dr. Chandrima Sikdar

Discipline Chairperson Economics & Professor


Dr. Shamim S Mondal

Programme Chairperson PhD, Research and Publications & Professor

souvik dhar

Souvik Dhar

Assistant Professor & Faculty Council – Secretary

subhadip mukherjee

Dr. Subhadip Mukherjee

Assistant Professor

Human Resources & Behavioral Sciences


Dr. Veena Vohra

Associate Dean and Professor – Human Resources and Behavioral Sciences

Manjari Srivastava

Dr. Manjari Srivastava

Discipline Chairperson Human Resource & Behavioral Sciences & Professor

Seema Rawat

Seema Rawat

Program Chairperson - MBA Human Resource & Assistant Professor

Dr. Nafisa Kattarwala

Assistant Professor

Geeta D’Souza

Dr. Geeta D’Souza

Assistant Professor & Faculty In Charge - International Relations

hema bajaj

Dr. Hema Bajaj

Associate professor

Bijayinee Patnaik

Bijayinee Patnaik

Assistant professor


Dr. Deepak Sharma

Associate Professor


Dr. Sreeleakha P.

Associate Professor


Arun Sharma

Mr. Arun Sharma

Discipline Chairperson Marketing & Assistant Professor

Dr. Rajan Saxena

Vice Chancellor NMIMS & Distinguished Professor of Marketing

Sreeram Sivaramakrishnan

Dr. Sreeram Sivaramakrishnan

Associate Professor


Seema Mahajan

Director - Pravin Dalal Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management, Program Chairperson E&FB, Integrated MBA Program & Weekend FMBA & Associate Professor

Harikumar Iyer

Dr. Hari Kumar Iyer

Associate Professor & Faculty In Charge - Student Activities


Dr. G Radhakrishna

Associate Professor


Dr. Hitesh Kalro

Assistant Professor & Faculty In Charge – Alumni Activities

Dr. Priyanka Joshi

Dr. Priyanka Joshi

Assistant Professor

Gurpreet Kour

Ms. Gurpreet Kour

Assistant Professor

Rashmi Khatri

Dr. Rashmi Khatri

Assistant Professor

Mayank Ranjan

Mr. Mayank Ranjan

Assistant Professor

biswajita parida - nmims

Ms. Biswajita Parida

Assistant Professor


Ms. Neha Sadhotra

Assistant Professor

Information Systems

Vikas Gadre

Mr. Vikas Gadre



Dr Preeti Khanna

Associate Professor

Vikas Gadre

Prof Mukund Prasad

Associate Professor

Dr. Somnath Roy

Dr. Somnath Roy

Associate Professor

Operations & Decision Sciences

Tohid Kachwala

Dr. Tohid Kachwala

Discipline Chairperson Operations & Decision Sciences & Professor


Dr. Shailaja Rego

Associate Professor


Dr. B S Sahay

Advisor to Chancellor & Distinguished Professor


Dr. Ashu Sharma

Programme Chairperson - Executive MBA & Associate Professor

Pradeep Pai

Pradeep Pai

Associate Professor

gayatri sampath

Arti Deo

Assistant Professor

Parthasarathi N. Mukherjee

Dr. Parthasarathi N. Mukherjee

Senior Professor and Director, NMIMS Navi Mumbai Campus


Dr. Aparna A.

Associate Professor

rose antony

Rose Antony

Assistant Professor

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