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Dr. Meena Galliara

Dr. Meena Galliara

Director, Jasani Center for Sustainability Management & Social Entrepreneurship and Professor & Prog
Phone - 022 4235 5555
Email - meena.galliara@nmims.edu

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Ph.D., University of Mumbai, 2002.
    Major: Management
  • Fellow, Business Community Foundation, Indian arm of the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum London
  • Diploma in Training & Development, ISTD, 1991.
  • M.A. (Social Welfare Administration), Tata Institute of Social Sciences, 1984.
  • Bachelor of Social Work, University of Mumbai, 1982.

Academic, Government, Military and Professional Positions

Academic - Post-Secondary

  • Faculty, NMIMS. (2002 - Present). 
  • Visiting Faculty, NMIMS. (1997 - 2001). 
  • Visiting Faculty, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). (1997 - 2001). 
  • Sr. Lecturer, Department of Social Welfare Administration, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). (1986 - 1996).

Honors and Awards

  • Wockhardt Foundation Education Popular Award, Wockhardt Foundation. (November 2016).
  • Recipient of the Bharat Jyoti Award, conferred by India International Friends Society, for contribution to Social Entrepreneurship Education and Practice, 2012
  • Recipient of the Best Professor in Business Strategy, Asia Best B-School Award, Asia CMO Council (2010) 
  • Recipient of the Dewang Mehta Best Teacher in Social Enterprise Category Award (2009)
  • Recipient of the Golden Peacock Award in the category of Social Innovation (2008) 
  • Recipient of the Best Department Award, NMIMS (2008)
  • Recipient of the Best Paper Award, Organized by TISS (2007) 
  • Recipient of the Best Case Study Award, National Research Paper Contest, organized by NMIMS (2006 & 2007)
  • Recipient of the Best Faculty Award, Bombay Management Association, (2005)
  • Recipient of the Best Faculty Award, NMIMS (2005)



  • Trustee: International Resources for Fairer Trade (IRFT)
    The Trust is dedicated to empowering farmers, artisans, companies and NGOs to develop business capacity and promote sustainable livelihoods for all of those involved in producing the things we consume every day. (http://www.irft.org/)
  • Member, Sustainability Committee, IRFT
  • Member, UNGC Global Compact Framework (Western Region)

Development Activities Attended

  • Workshop, "Framing CSR Policy and Strategy," Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. (July 2, 2015).

Courses Taught

Social Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Planning & Management in Social Enterprises, Social Venture Development and Costing of Social Projects, Management of Cross Sector Partnership.

Teaching Experience - 28 years

International Teaching Assignments

  • Handled CSR Module (30 Hours) at the Euromed- Marseille International Seminar organized by the Euromed- Marseille School of Management, France in November 2006
  • Handled Social Entrepreneurship Module (15 Hours) for the MBA International Programme, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece in February 2008
  • Handled CSR Module (20 Hours) at Reitaku University, Tokyo, in June 2009 
  • Handled Social Entrepreneurship & CSR in India Module (15 hours) at Rouen Business School, France in March 2010

Teaching and Pedagogical Innovations



Academic, IICA. (2014 - 2015). 
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), UNDP / CII / MDI. (2004).

Awards and Honors

Service, Community

Indywood CSR Excellence Awards, Project Indywood. (September 26, 2016). 
Golden Peacock Award. (2008).

Service, University

Best Department Award, NMIMS. (2008).

Major Contribution to Social Sector

Set up the Social Enterprise Cell at School of Business Management, NMIMS, in 2005, which was upgraded to Center for Sustainability Management & Social Entrepreneurship in 2011. As a catalyst and innovator, the Center’s mission is to create a new generation of business leaders and social entrepreneurs who are knowledgeable about and are committed to create a sustainable society. The Center’s objectives serve as a bridge between academia, the corporate world and the civil society organizations. The research, as well as the teaching strengths combined with the experiential learning approach and guiding principles of the Center, connect sustainability focused knowledge and research to students, businesses and the civil society organizations.  

The Center’s work is spread over five broad areas: 

  1. Knowledge development and dissemination about the social sector in the MBA programme 
  2. MBA student’s involvement in the social sector through ‘We Care: Civic Engagement internships’
  3. Increasing Awareness of Social Entrepreneurship by developing field intervention activities 
  4. Offering Diploma/PTMBA programme in Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Training for Women. Both the programmes are offered at subsidized cost.
  5. Disaster Management Education

The Center’s work has made a huge impact on business, government as well as Corporate Sector.  

Service to the University 

Member, Academic Council, NMIMS

Service to the School

  • Courses Developed for MBA Programme:
    Corporate Social Responsibility 
    Management of Social Entrepreneurship 
    Emergency Response Management System
    Social Marketing 
    Micro Finance
  • Special Programmes Developed for Social Sector:
    MBA Programme in Social Entrepreneurship
    Enterprise Training Programme for Women 

Ph.D. Topic

Social Responsibility of the Corporate Sector towards Community Development.

Research Interest

Research Currently in Progress

  • "Impact Assessment of Samavedana" (On-Going).

Recent Publications

  • Galliara, M. (2009). Corporate Social Responsibility, School of Distance Education, NMIMS, India 
  • Galliara, M. (2011). Review of CSR in India, CSR in Asia. London: Palgrave Macmilllan Publications.

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  • Galliara, M., Srivastava, M. (in press). THE BAKE COLLECTIVE – MAKING A DELICIOUS DIFFERENCE. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies. 
  • Srivastava, M., Galliara, M., Iyer, A. A. (2016). Hey Taxi! A two-wheeler solution for Mumbai’s traffic woes. Ivey case publishing House. 
  • Srivastava, M., Galliara, M. (2016). OSCAR Foundation: Empowering lives through Football. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies. 
  • Galliara, M. (2012). Mumbai Emergency Management Exercise (MEMEx). Journal of Emergency Management. o Galliara, M. (2009). Corporate Social Responsibility (25th ed.). Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS. 
  • Galliara, M. (2009). Lifeline …A Social Initiative Led by B-school Students. European Case Collection House. 
  • Galliara, M. (2009). Udgam… The New Beginning. Kolhapur, Maharashtra: District Administration Office & UNDP Project Office. 
  • Galliara, M. (2009). Disaster Management & Role of Educational Institutions in India. Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS. 
  • Galliara, M. (2009). CSR In India. Tokyo: UN Global Compact, Hosei Center for CSR, & Reitaku University. 
  • Galliara, M. (2009). Lifeline …A Social Initiative Led by B-school Students. Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS. 
  • Galliara, M. (2009). Few Good Men: Corporate Governance. Financial Express. 
  • Galliara, M. (2008). Hospital Emergency Preparedness Report. Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS. 
  • Galliara, M. (2008). Unlimited Foundation. International Conference in Social Entrepreneurship. 
  • Galliara, M. (2008). Streets to Shelter: Case Study of Mahila Milan. Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS. 
  • Galliara, M. (2007). Careerpreneurs, Lessons from Women Entrepreneurs on Building Careers without Boundaries (15, 17 & 20 ed.). Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS Case Monograph. 
  • Galliara, M. (2007). Agrocel- A Bloom from the Desert. Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS. 
  • Galliara, M. (2007). From Sleepy Hamlet to a Model Town. Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS. o Galliara, M. (2006). Social Performance Audit (14th ed.). Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS Case Monograph. 
  • Galliara, M. (2006). CSR In India. New Delhi: Quality Times, Institute of Directors. 
  • Galliara, M. (2006). Gender Perspectives in Urban Governance, Change Makers (vol. VI). Indo Dutch Education Agency. 
  • Galliara, M. (2005). The Excel Story-CSR Towards Communities. New Delhi: EXCEL BOOKS. 
  • Galliara, M. (2005). Role of Business in the Modern World. Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS Review. 
  • Galliara, M. (2004). Cross sector, Partnerships in Sustaining Development (3rd ed., vol. XIX). Perspectives in Social Work, Nirmala Niketan. 
  • Galliara, M. (2004). Poverty Alleviation Strategies. ICFAI Press. 
  • Galliara, M. (2004). Corporate Social Responsibility. Mumbai, Maharashtra: Department of Distance Education, NMIMS. 
  • Galliara, M. (2004). On Globalisation: Issues & Challenges for Management Education. New Delhi: All India Management Association. 
  • Galliara, M. (2004). Sahayak. Directory of Voluntary Service Organizations. Mumbai, Maharashtra: NMIMS. 
  • Galliara, M. (2004). Case Analysis on P&G v/s Unilever – A case of Corporate Espionage. Case Folio ICFAI. 
  • Galliara, M. (2004). Report on Voluntary Organizations International Conference on Empowerment. Mumbai, Maharashtra: Rotary Club of Bombay West. 
  • Galliara, M. (2000). Sahaveeryam, Manual for Managing and Sustaining Cross Sector Partnerships. London: Business Community Foundation, Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum.
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