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Dr. Rajan Saxena

Dr. Rajan Saxena

Vice Chancellor, SVKM’s NMIMS University, Mumbai, India (Deemed to be University) (2009 to date)
Phone - (022) 4235-5555
Email - Rajan.Saxena@nmims.edu



Professional experience (Total No. of years: 46 years)

Positions held

·Currently Vice Chancellor, SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai, India NMIMS Deemed to be University (Tier-1 Deemed University, GOI) 2009-todate

·Sr. Advisor to Chancellor & Distinguished Professor, SVKM’s NMIMS University, Mumbai, India July 2007-Jan 2009

·Director,Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s S.P.Jain Institute of Management& Research, Mumbai, 2005—2007

·Director ICFAI Business School Gurgaon 2003—2005

·Director,Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM-INDORE) 1999---2003

·Dean and Thums Up Chair Professor of Marketing, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai (NMIMS) 1984--1999

·Professor of Marketing, Bhavan’s S.P. Jain Institute of Management & ResearchMumbai ( SPJIMR –MUMBAI) 1982--1984

·Associate Professor of Marketing, Xavier Labour Relations InstituteJamshedpur (XLRI)1980---1982

·Lecturer, University of Delhi, Delhi 1972--1980


·Visiting Faculty, Pace University’s Lubin Business School, New York, USA

·Visiting Faculty, Faculty of Management University of Calgary,Canada

Areas of Research & Consulting Interest

·Strategic Marketing

·Services Marketing

·Customer Relationship Management

·Emerging Markets and Innovation

·Institution Building

·Leadership for Institution Development

Research Experience

Research Work Completed

1.Research on Quality of Customer Service in Indian Industry (1995-98)

2.Product Strategies for LDCs in the Global Market (1993-94)

3.Completed a Study Titled, "Brand Policy Determination in Indian Firms”. Study Funded by XLRI Research Center (1980–82)

4."Graduate Career Aspirations and Attitudes” in Collaboration with Scottish Enterprise Foundation, Sterling University, Sterling, U.K. (1990-92)

5.Developed Cases in International Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Management

6.Ph.D. Thesis: "Multi National Firms and Indian Exports” 1979

Ph. D. Work Supervised and Degree Awarded

·Ms. Hufrish Homavazir’s doctoral thesis Influence of Service Quality on Customer Experience and behavioral intentions of the Customer 2014.

·Mr. K. Ravi’s doctoral thesis titled `Communicative Identity and Brand Placement’ in the year 2011.

·Mr. Anand Aggarwal doctoral thesis titled "E service quality Measurement” Ph.D work at ICFAI University, India. (2004--2006)

  • A.M. Shangvi’s doctoral thesis at BITS, Pilani. Thesis is titled: Strategic Management Process In Indian Organizations – An Empirical Study. Degree awarded in 2003

  • "Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Service Industries” by Ajit Mathur University of Mumbai. Awarded Ph.D. in December, 1999.

  • "Conciliation of Customer Values and Service Quality in Telecom Sector” by Mr. Vinod Kumar, at B.I.T.S. Pilani. Awarded Ph.D. in June, 1998.


·Kiran Desai’s doctoral thesis titled `Consumer Identity and Fashion Adaption’

·Aditi Gosai’s doctoral thesis "Impact of Service Failure Attributions on Post Purchase Behaviour’

·Ramakrishnan Ramamurthi’s doctoral thesis titled "Internationalization of Indian Manufacturing Companies – Impact of Organizational Factors”

Cases Developed

1.Natural Ice Cream - 2009

2.Jago Re ! - 2009

3.The Market Makers –ICICI Bank case(2010). Co-authors Dr. Mala Srivastava and Ms.Hufrish Homavazir.

4.Nano – ‘A dream car for the poor’ – Feb 2008

5.Hindustan Lever Limited – October 2001 – Registered with IIM Indore

6.Jet Airways – October 2001 – Registered with IIM Indore

7.Western India Limited – 1996 updated in October 2001 – Registered with IIMIndore

8.Services Standardization – 1998 updated in October 2001 – Registered withIIM Indore

9.ION Exchange ‘A’ – 1996

10.ION Exchange ‘B’ – 1996

11.ION Exchange ‘C’ – 1996

12.Customer – A complainant or an asset? – 1996

13.Hi-Tech Systems Distributors Limited – 1995

14.Market Opportunity for Automotives Gears in India – 1992

15.M/s. Computers India Limited – 1992

16.Automotives Gears in India Limited – 1992

17.Will the Breeze Come Back? - 1990

18.Getting the most from a dealer – 1989

19.Getting to know your Customer – The Case of Steel Manufacturing Co. Ltd. – 1988

20.Indian Electricals Limited – 1988

21.The Case of Narendrajit Suri – 1988

22.Hi-End Audio Products – 1986

23.Hindustan Industries Ltd (A) (Problem in Export of Third Party Products) – 1981

24.Alpha Ltd., (A) – Entering the Saudi Arabian Markets – 1981

Refereed Articles

1.Brand Placement: New Perspectives and a comprehensive definition, Dr. Rajan Saxena & Dr. Ravi Kandhadai, The Marketing Review, 2014, Vol 14, No.3, pp. 231-244

2."Global Competitiveness of Indian Enterprises”, Chartered Secretary,November,2001

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4."Marketing Strategy for the Millennium” Business & Strategy, December 2001 & June 2000

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19."Growth of Small Firms: A Study of Direct Marketing Strategy, Indian Management, June 1984. Pp. 23-28

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Non Refereed Articles

1.Reimagining Management Education – 2016 – Business World

2.Largest and raring to be the best: The tale of growth and excellence in Indian Management school - 2016 - FICCI Global Focus

3.Structuring Technology Applications for Enhanced Customer Experience Evidence from Indian Air Travellers co-authors Hufrish Majra, Sumi Jha and Srinath Jagannathan

Global Business Review – April 2016

4.Attitude towards Mobile Payment in India, co-authored with Dr. Mona Sinha and Dr. Hufrish Majra presented by Dr. Hufrish Majra at International Conference on marketing, technology and society, IIM- Kozhikode, Sept 29-Oct 1, 2016.

5.Indian Higher Education – Opportunities and Transformation – QS Asia Sept 2016

6.Globalization of Indian B-Schools – MBA Universe Aug, 2014

7.Indian Management Education: A Way Forward – May, 2014- AIMA Council of


8. The Imperative of Internationalization of Management Education 2013 Times ofIndia

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Articles in Books & Works of Excellence

1. Relationship Marketing - Innovations in Asian Management, Ed. Dharni P. Sinha, Delta Publishing House, 1996, pp 187-199

2. Generic Product Strategies for the World Market in International Marketing Reader Eds. Stanley Paliwoda and John K. Ryans, Jr; Publishers: Routledge, London, U.K. 1996

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Shukla and Published by S. Chand and Company (Pvt.) Ltd., 1988, pp. 115-130


1.Marketing Management: McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., (an affiliate of McGraw-Hill in India) New Delhi – Fifth Edition published in 2016

2.Marketing Management: Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Co.,2009 (an affiliate of McGraw-Hill in India) New Delhi –Fifth Edition. A comprehensive text on Indian Market, being extensively used in the Marketing courses by faculty and students.

Website: http://www.tatamcgrawhill.com/digital_solutions/saxena

3.International Marketing - Concepts, Techniques and Cases in joint authorship with Dr. M.C. Kapoor of Delhi University published by Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., New Delhi, 1984              

                                                                                                                                                                   ...Page 2>>
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