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SBM faculty spotlight-Research

NMIMS SBM is committed to develop basic and applied research. Keeping this in view, SBM is building a portfolio of intellectual contributions from faculty members that are consistent with its mission. Among other things, intellectual contribution includes the following,

  • SBM faculty members have published articles in Peer Reviewed Journals as per ABDC listing.
  • Faculty members have published cases based on field research in the prestigious case publishing houses like Ivey publishing, Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP), Asian Case Clearing House, www. (ECCH) and Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies (EEMCS).
  • Faculty members also publish text books.

Case Studies

Journal Articles ABDC

1. Sreeram Sivaramakrishnan, Mala Srivastava, Anupam Rastogi, (2017); Attitudinal Factors, Financial Literacy, and Stock Market Participation, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Emerald Publications, XXXV (5), 818-841, (ABDC "B")

2. Arun Sharma, S. Nair, (2017); Switching behaviour as a function of number of options: How much is too much for consumer choice decisions?, Journal Consumer Behavior, Wiley, I (8), (ABDC "B")

3. Namrata Sharma, Bidya Sahay, Ravi Shankar, P.R.S. Sarma, (2017); Supply Chain Agility: Review, Classification and Synthesis, International Journal of Logistics Research and Application, (ABDC "B")

4. Sumi Jha, (2017); Mediating effect of superior subordinate relationship and climate of innovation on psychological empowerment, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, LXVI (7), 932-947, (ABDC "B")

5. Ashok Kumar Nag, (2016); Lost Due To Demonetisation, Economic & Political Weekly, LI (48), (ABDC "B")

6. Rohan Jha, Bidya Sahay, P. Charan, (2016); Healthcare Operations Management: A Structured Literature Review, Decision, XLIII (3), 259-279, (ABDC "A")

7. Manojit Chattopadhyay, Sourav Sengupta, Bidya Sahay, (2016); Visual Hierarchical Clustering of Supply Chain using Growing Hierarchical Self Organizing Map Algorithm, International Journal of Production Research, LIV (9), 2552-2557, (ABDC "A")

8. Dr. Bijith Marakarkandy, Nilay Yajnik, Chandan Dasgupta, (2016); Enabling Internet Banking Adoption: An Empirical Examination with an Augmented Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Emerald Publishing Limited, XXX (2), 263-294, (ABDC "B")

9. Chandrima Sikdar, (2016); Impact of population on carbon emission: Lessons from India, United Nations ESCAP’s journal. Asia Pacific Development journal, XXIII (1), 105-132, (ABDC "B")

10. Chandrima Sikdar, (2016); Productivity and Research & Development content of intermediate inputs-evidence from Indian industries, Journal of Developing Areas, (ABDC "B")

11. Ramesh Narasimhan, (2016); PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTERSHIP (PPP) OUTCOMES IN E-GOVERNMENT – A SOCIAL CAPITAL EXPLANATION, International Journal of Public Sector Management, `Emerald Group publication, (ABDC "B")

12. Shamim Mondal, Gaurav Jetley, (2016); Rights Issues and Creeping Acquisitions in India, Emerging Markets Review, (ABDC "A")

13. Sashi Sivaramkrishna, (2015); Decentring Fiscal Deficit Target Numbers in the Macroeconomics Policy Debate, Economic & Political Weekly, L (19), (ABDC "B")

14. Sashi Sivaramkrishna, (2015); An Estimation of Agricultural Productivity in Erstwhile Mysore and South Canada, Southern India, from Francis Buchanan’s Journey of 1800-01: Positioning India in the Great Divergence Debate, Economic & Political Weekly, L (16), (ABDC "B")

15. Sashi Sivaramkrishna, (2015); India's Failed Transition to a Gold Currency in the 1860s and the Emergence of the Classical Gold Standard, Economic & Political Weekly, L (4), 48 - 58, (ABDC "B")

16. S. S. Bhattacharyya, Sumi Jha, C Fernandes, (2015); Determinants of speed to market in the context of the emerging Indian market, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, XXVII (5), 784-800, (ABDC "B")

17. Shweta Maheshwari, Veena Vohra, (2015); Identifying critical HR practices impacting employee perception and commitment during organization change, Journal of Organisational Change Management, Emerald publishing, XXVIII (5), 872-894, (ABDC "B")

18. Sashi Sivaramkrishna, (2013); From Merchant to Merchant-Ruler: A Structure-Conduct-Performance Perspective of the East India Company’s History, 1600-1765, Business History, Harvard Business School, LVI (5), 789-815, (ABDC "A")

19. Sashi Sivaramkrishna, (2013); Iron Smelting and the State in Pre- and Early-Colonial India: Unearthing the Roots of Statutory Forest Law, Economic & Political Weekly, XLVIII (5), 39-49, (ABDC "B")

20. K. S Mishra, Manoj Kumar, (2012); A Comprehensive Model of Information Search and Processing Behaviour of Mutual Fund Investors, Journal of Financial Services Marketing, XVII (1), 31-49, (ABDC "B")

21. S Jindal, Manoj Kumar, (2012); The Determinants of HC Disclosures of Indian Firms, Journal of Intellectual Capital, XIII (2), 221 - 247, (ABDC "B")

22. K. S Mishra, Manoj Kumar, (2012); The Impact of Perceived Purchase Risk on Investment Behaviour of Mutual Fund Investors, Decision, XXXIX (2), (ABDC "A")

Journal Articles (In Press)

1. Chandrima Sikdar, (in press); The nexus between carbon emission, energy consumption, economic growth and changing economic structure in India: A multivariate co integration approach, Journal of Developing Areas, (ABDC "B")

2. Prashant Barsing, (in press); Sigma Level Computation for Unruly Data: Case of Indian Railways, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Elsevier, (ABDC "A*")

3. Somnath Roy, (in press); A Longitudinal Study of Factors Influencing User Perceptions During ERP Implementation , Enterprise Information Systems, (ABDC "A")

Following is an illustrative list of the recent Peer Reviewed Journal Publications and Case Studies with Teaching Notes written by SBM faculty,

Dr.Ramesh Bhat

Book and Reports

Pandey I M and Bhat Ramesh (2012). Cases in Financial Management (3/ed) McGraw Hill Education India. Instructor's Manual to Cases in Financial Management, McGraw Hill Education India (co-authored with I.M. Pandey).

Ramesh Bhat, Huntington Dale and Sunil Maheshwari. Public-private partnerships, contracting arrangements and managerial capacity to strengthen implementation of the Reproductive and Child Health Programme. World Health Organization, Geneva 2007.

Ramesh Bhat, Sunil Kumar Maheshwari, Kiran Rao, and Rushi Bakshi (2007). Mental Health Care Pilots in Gujarat: Processes, Outcomes and Learning. Published Monograph.


Ramesh Bhat, Jeanna Holtz and Carlos Avila (2017) Reaching the missing middle: ensuring health coverage to India’s urban poor. Paper accepted for publication in Health Systems and Reform.

Bhat, Ramesh (2017) Navigating Health Financing and Insurance Options for Urban Poor in India. Bethesda, MD: Health Finance & Governance Project, Abt Associates Inc. August 2017.

Ramesh Bhat and Denny John (2017). Price-cap is after all just a new price: the case of cardiac stents in India. ORF Issue Brief, Issue Number 175, April 2017.

Ramesh Bhat (2017) National Health Policy 2017: Through the Accountability Lens. Indian Institute of Management Udaipur Research Paper Series (accepted for publication in Economic and Political Weekly)

Denny Johna, Prabir Chatterjee, Shruti Murthy, Ramesh Bhat, Baba Mayaki Musae (2017) Cost effectiveness of home-based care model for managing MDR-TB in India. Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Tuberculosis, Elsevier's online submission system, EVISE®

Ramesh Bhat and Sudhakar, K (2017). Donor Funding to Domestic Budgetary Support Transition of National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) in India (2017). Paper under review for publication.

Ramesh Bhat, Lysander Menezes and Carlos Avila (2017) Community/Mutual Health Insurance Programme: A Case Study of Annapurna Pariwar, Maharashtra. Bethesda, MD: Health Finance & Governance Project, Abt Associates Inc. August 2017.

Ramesh Bhat, Lysander Menezes and Carlos Avila (2017) Review of Community/Mutual Based Health Insurance and their Role in Strengthening the Financial Protection System in India. Bethesda, MD: Health Finance & Governance Project, Abt Associates Inc. August 2017.

Kriti Khurana, Ramesh Bhat, Rikin Gandhi and Peggy Koniz-Booher (2015) Cost analysis of nutrition messaging intervention through community-led videos in Odisha. Seventh International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD 2015) hosted at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, May 15-18, 2015.

Arni S. R. Srinivasa Rao, Kurien Thomas, Sudhakar Kurapati, Ramesh Bhat (2012) Improvement in survival of people living with HIV/AIDS and requirement for 1st- and 2nd-line ART, Notices American Mathematical Society 59.

Ramesh Bhat, Dileep Mavalankar, Prabal V Singh and Neelu Singh (2009). Maternal Healthcare Financing: Gujarat’s Chiranjeevi Scheme and its Beneficiaries. Journal of Health Population and Nutrition April 27(2): 249-258.

Dileep Mavalankar, Amarjit Singh, Ramesh Bhat, Ajesh Desai, Prabal V Singh, and Neelu Singh (2009). Providing Skilled Birth Attendances and EmOC to the poor through Innovative Partnership with Private Sector Obstetricians in Gujarat, India. Bulletin World Health Organization, 2009:87.

Dileep Mavalankar, Amarjit Singh, Ramesh Bhat, Ajesh Desai, S R Patel (2008). Indian public-private partnership for skilled birth-attendance. The Lancet Vol. 371 February 23, 2008 631-632.

Pandey I M and Ramesh Bhat (2007). Dividend Behaviour of Indian Companies under Monetary Policy Restrictions. Managerial Finance Vol. 33 No. 1, pp 14-25.

Dr. Rajan Saxena

Saxena R., Sinha M., Majra H., (2016) Banking in India: Role of Self-Service Technologies, Thriving in a New World Economy, Book Series-Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science, Edited by Kirk Plangger, Springer International Publishing

Majra, H., Saxena Rajan, Jha Sumi, Srinath Jagannathan, (2015), Structuring Technology Applications for Enhanced Customer Experience: Evidence from Indian Air Travelers, Global Business Review, XVII (2), pp. 351-374, (ABDC, C Category)

Kandhadai, Ravi; Saxena, Rajan; (2014) Brand placement: New perspectives and a comprehensive definition, The Marketing Review, XIV (3), pp. 231-244(14), Westburn Publishers Ltd., (ABDC, C Category)

Saxena, R. (2013). Strengthen Institutional Autonomy. Financial Express.

Saxena, R. (2012). Leadership and Governance in Higher Education, Mumbai, Maharashtra: Hindustan Times Mint.

Majra, H., Saxena, R., Sinha, D. M., (2012), World Marketing Congress, "Banking in India-The Role of Self –Service Technology," Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), Atlanta.

Dr. Debashis Sanyal & Dr. Sangeeta Wats

Sanyal, D., Wats, S. (2015) Glenorna Coffee, London, Ontorio: Ivey Publishing, Western University, Product number: 9B15N025,

Dr. Debashis Sanyal & Ms. Smita Mazumdar

Sanyal, D., Mazumdar, S. (2014) Valjibhai Stones, London, Ontorio: Ivey Publishing, Product number 9B14N009,

Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy

Bagale G., Krishnamoorthy B., (2016), Impact of Environmental and Individual Context Variables on E-Commerce Implementation in Medium Sized Automobile Enterprises of Maharashtra, SMART Journal of Business Management Studies, XIII (1), (ABDC 2013, C category)

Krishnamoorthy B., H K V Narayan, (2016), Value based e-health care- a case study of Tata Memorial Centre, Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies.

Krishnamoorthy, B., Christine D’Lima (2014), Benchmarking as a measure of competitiveness, International Journal of Process Management and Bench marking, Inderscience publishing, (ABDC, C category

Krishnamoorthy, B., Kacholia, B. M. (2014). Abhinav Textiles Pvt. Ltd-an Indian Family Business, Case Study Registered with The Case Centre – ECCH, Cranfield University, United Kingdom, (Case Reference no. 814-063-1)

Dr. Meena Galliara & Dr. Manjari Srivastava

Srivastava M, Galliara M., (2016), "OSCAR Foundation: Empowering lives through Football" Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies.

Srivastava M, Galliara M., Iyer A. A. (2016), ‘Hey Taxi! A two-wheeler solution for Mumbai’s traffic woes’, Ivey Publishing, Richard IVEY Business School.

Dr. Tohid Kachwala, Dr. Chandan Dasgupta & Dr. P N Mukherjee

Kachwala T., Dasgupta C., Mukherjee P., (2016), Service Quality in Library from Customer’s point of view, Smart Journal of Business Management Studies, XIII (1), Scientific Management & Advanced Research Trust, (ABDC 2013, C category),

Dr. Anupam Rastogi & Dr. Smita Mazumdar

Mazumdar S., Rastogi A, (2016), Announcement effect of admission to Corporate Debt Restructuring, South Asian Journal of Management, XXIII (3), AMDISA, (ABDC, C category)

Dr. Anupam Rastogi

Mathur S., Rastogi A., (2017), Stock Price Response to Earnings News in India: Investor’s Learning Behaviour under Uncertainty, NMIMS Management Review, Vol. XXXIII, pp.10-26, January 2017 issue

Mathur S., Rastogi A., (2016), Informative value of equity analyst recommendations, SMART Journal of Business and Management Studies, XIII(1) (ABDC 2013, C category)

Mr. Sreeram Sivaramakrishnan

Sivaramakrishnan S., Radhakrishnan A., (2016), Swosti Foods: Decoding Distributor Financial Metrics–Case Analysis, Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective, XX (2), pp.152-154, Sage Publication,

Sivaramakrishnan S., (2016), LPB, Stopping Territory Infringement – Case Analysis, Vision - The Journal of Business Perspective, XX(3), pp. 252-254, Sage Publication

Sivaramakrishnan, S. (2014), Asclepius Consulting: The Sales Force Dilemma, London, Ontario: Ivey Publishing, Western University

Mr. Amit Bhadra

Dr. Veena Vohra

Belwalkar, S., Vohra, V, (2016) Lokasamgraha: Philosophical foundations of Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors. International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, 12(2).

Maheshwari, S., Vohra, V. (2015) “Identifying critical HR practices impacting employee perception and commitment during organizational change”, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Vol.28 Issue: 5, pp.872 - 894, Emerald publishing.

Vohra, V., (2015) Organizational environments and adaptive response mechanisms in India. Journal of Indian Business Research, Vol. 7 Issue: 1, pp.21-44, Emerald publishing.

Vohra, V., Bahadur, A., Lele, V. (2014), Integration Challenges at Trident Chemicals Ltd (7th ed., vol. 4). Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies.

Dr. Veena Vohra & Dr. Manjari Srivastava

Vohra, V., Srivastava, M., Pande, S. (2014). Sogeti’s TeamPark : Designing Intelligent Organizations for the Future. Ivey Publishing. [Published: March 2014]

Dr. Manjari Srivastava

Manjari Srivastava (2015).”Trauma, Trust and Hope among Women: A Qualitative Study”, Psychological Studies, Vol. 60, issue 2, pp.170-184. Springer.

Sumi Jha, Srivastava, M. (2014). Organizational commitment and culture: A Study at Indian IT and ITES sector. Journal of Management Research, Vol. 14, No. 4, Oct–Dec. pp. 227-238.

Srivastava Manjari (2014). Who is responsible for my workaholism, me, my parents or my work culture? Human Resource Management International Digest, Vol. 22 Issue: 5, pp.26-28, Emerald publishing.

Dr. Gowri Joshi

Gowri Joshi and Chandrima Sikdar (2015). “A Study Of The Mentees’ Perspective Of The Informal Mentors’ Characteristics Essential For Mentoring Success”, Global Business Review, Sage Publication, Vol. 16, No. 6, 963-980.

Pande, S., Joshi, G., (2014), It’s not all perfection at Paradise Retail - HR problems surface in the Indian hand-loom industry, Human Resource Management International Digest, Volume 22 No. 1 2014, pp. 26-28, Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Dr. Ranjan Chakravarty

Chakravarty, R.R., and J.C. Cherian, (2016). “Singapore as Global Hub for Infrastructure Finance”. The Business Times, Singapore. (January 6, 2016).

Chakravarty, R.R., and J.C. Cherian, (2015). “The State of the Asset Management Industry: Tipping Points and Trends” Published in Asia Asset Management, 20th Anniversary Special Edition Issue, Hong Kong.

Dr. Mayank Joshipura

Joshipura, M., Janakiraman, S. (2015). Price and Volume effects associated with scheduled changes in constituents of index: Study of Nifty Index in India. Inderscience Enterprise.

Joshipura, M. (2013). Market reaction to bonus announcement in post global financial crisis era: Evidence from India. Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting, V(2).

Dr. Chandan Dasgupta

Dasgupta, C. (2016). Integrated Risk Management (IRM) in the Indian Banking Sector and Impact of Credit Risk Management on the Banks Profitability, SMART Journal of business management studies, Vol. 12, No. 2.

Dipak Damodar Gaikar , Bijith Marakarkandy , Chandan Dasgupta, (2015) "Using Twitter data to predict the performance of Bollywood movies", Industrial Management & Data Systems, Vol. 115 Iss: 9, pp.1604 – 1621, Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Dr. Preeti Khanna

Khanna, P. (2014). Affective Computing: SMART Interactions of Machines with Humans. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, Seventh Sense Research Group, Engineering, XII(9), 480-485.

Khanna, P., Sasikumar, M. (2014). Emotion Profiling: Ingredient for Rule based Emotion Recognition Engine. Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology: Graphics and Vision, XIV(3), 13-23.

Dr. Ashu Sharma

Ashu Sharma, Ajay Chandel, Ritu Sinha (2015) “Weaving Relationships” Case Study Registered with The Case Centre – ECCH, Cranfield University, United Kingdom, Reference no. 615-056-1.

Ashu Sharma, A. Sivakumar, Jagdish Bhagwat, Pooja Gupta, Pranav Saraswat, Sandeep Kumar Joshi (2014) “Shree Cement- Ways to Wealth” Cases in Management- Experiences in India, Case Study Registered with the “The Case Centre” - European Case Clearing House (ECCH), Reference no. 614-063-1.

Sharma, R., Sharma, A. (2014). Employee Engagement: An Indian Perspective for Flexi Festival Holidays as a Tool to Enhance Productivity. Journal of Human Resources Management and Labor Studies, II(2), 171-185. [Published: June 2014]

Dr. Vrinda Kamat

Kamat, V., Mazumdar, S. (2015), The Dilemma at Wockhardt Ltd. - A & B, ECCH, United Kingdom.

Kamat, V., Kumta, G. (2012), Growth Strategies at SVC Bank, London, Ontario: Ivey Publishing, Western University.

Dr. Hufrish Majra

Majra, H., Saxena Rajan, Jha Sumi, Srinath Jagannathan, (2016), Structuring Technology Applications for Enhanced Customer Experience: Evidence from Indian Air Travelers, Global Business Review, Vol. 17, 2: pp. 351-374.

Dr. Sujata Mukherjee

Mukherjee, S., (2015). Contributing and constraining factors faced by women entrepreneurs in the informal sector: a study of Mumbai Metropolitan. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Inderscience Publishers.

Mukherjee, S., Kumta, G. A. (2015). Knowledge Management in Indian SMEs: Tool for Sustainability. International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking.

Mukherjee, S., Pande, S. (2015). Women Owned Micro Business and Stress: An Indian Perspective. SMART Journal of Business Management Studies, 11(1), 19-33.

Dr. Tohid T. Kachwala

Kachwala, T. (2016). Total Quality Management in Organized Retail Shop from Service Provider’s point of view, Smart Journal of Business Management Studies, Vol.12, No. 1, Page 16-31.

Kachwala, T. T. (2015). Service Quality in Organized Retail Shop from Customer’s point of view. Smart Journal of Business Management Studies, 11(2), 61-72.

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