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"Contrary to how most other colleges in India work, the learning at NMIMS is practical – oriented with a lot of real – hands-on work involved in learning.”

They say, ‘Little Drops Make a Mighty Ocean’. Social Sector is one such sector where you give back a lot to the society for everything it has contributed to your development. From the skills gained, I wanted to make a difference to the society I live in. It could be a small scale contribution to my locality, city, other cities or my country as a whole, but I aspire to make some lives better by engaging in the social sector full time.

I have always had dreams to become an entrepreneur, and wanted to connect it with my interest to serve the society. This course would enable me to get the right skills, knowledge and exposure to start an enterprise specifically focused on serving the society.

Throughout my experience at NMIMS as a student, I have definitely understood why it is one of the most sought – after universities in the country. Contrary to how most other colleges in India work, the learning at NMIMS is practical – oriented with a lot of real – hands-on work involved in learning. At the same time, the guides and faculties come with a plethora of knowledge and their friendliness and accessibility makes the whole task of learning enjoyable and productive.

The course is well – structured right from the start and with each step, there is some sort of practical assignment, tasks we are given to enhance the learning in the classroom. Not only that, these are usually in teams and are quite challenging which at the end of the day, is what an excellent course requires. All aspects of forming and running a social enterprise have been covered. At the same time, the faculties are extremely experienced and work well with beginners or those with experience well. They are quite easy to communicate and not just that, they are top trainers as well, who know the right way to impart the knowledge they have.

The assignments we get are based on the organizations we are working in. These include using the top business management and administration techniques to carry out the objectives, write research papers and plenty of presentations too. In the long run, we can visualize how different tools, functions and tips work in an organization. Presentations enhance the team – spirit and understanding and one important skill they foster is to ‘present in an attractive way’ and speak keeping in mind the content and time restriction.

The job opportunities are plenty. First, the course equips you well to start your own social enterprise. If you prefer to work rather, opportunities involve in Non – governmental organizations (NGO’s), charitable trusts, co-operative societies, foundations, community-based organizations etc. Apart from this one can work with companies in their CSR departments as well.




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