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Interest-Based Cells


1. Functionality of the cell

ADverb is the Media Marketing and Advertising Cell of SBM, NMIMS. It caters to the creative side of marketing by conducting activities related to Branding, Advertising, Media Communications and more. The cell thrives on the motto- "Ideate, Create and Communicate".

2. Differentiating Factor of the Cell

Established in 2005, ADverb is primarily the creative nerve of NMIMS. The core idea of ADverb is to engage with students with concepts and cases of media marketing and advertising. Various events, case studies, speaker sessions and workshops are organised based on this. The event calendar is replete with names of the big shots from the industry. A dedicated week for ADverb, Adweek, and Adverb's flagship event, Indian Advertising League, sees participation from top brands and top B Schools of the country. Not just events, ADverb has exclusive tie-ups with the most renowned ad agencies in the form of corporate projects.

ADverb plays a crucial role in the summer placement preparation through ADtimes which gives key insights about companies that come on campus with marketing profiles, across sectors, on one platform.

3. Team Member Details

Faculty In Charge: Dr Amit Bhadra
Official Email ID:


4. List of Major Events

• IAL (Indian Advertising League): ADverb's flagship event, that sees participation from Top Indian B-schools, is an event that tests one's advertising, branding and media communication acumen all at once!
• AD-Times: A summer prep initiative for first-year students which involves posting presentations and other communications about the various companies which come for marketing profiles across sectors.
• ADweek: A week comprising of workshops and seminars by eminent personalities from the industry, national level online competitions and case studies which revolve around live business problems from the top brands of the country.
• ADvention: Industry Expert seminars on Media marketing and current topics related to Advertising
• Brand Housie: A fun and engaging way to test brand knowledge.
• Notepad: A pan India article writing competition which then get recognised on ADvent- ADverb's blog.


1. Functionality of the Cell

Nepathya is the cultural cell of SBM, NMIMS. It is responsible for conducting all the major cultural events at NMIMS. It also facilitates and supports the various cultural clubs of the college:

• Zephyr - The Dance Team
• RangPunch - The Dramatics Club
• Treblemakers -The Rock Band of NMIMS
• Verve - Fashion Show Team

Nepathya provides the perfect platform for students to showcase their cultural talent. It provides a well-needed respite from everyday challenges of a B-school. Nepathya is one of the most active cells with events & workshops held throughout the year. Events like dance, drama, musical nights and cultural fests are a great crowd puller and leave the audience enthralled. The aim of Nepathya is to conduct cultural events of the highest standards and its objective is to take NMIMS to new cultural heights.

2. Differentiating Factor of the Cell

The key differentiator is the scale and the number of events. The cultural events organized by Nepathya caters to maximum crowd not limited NMIMS but also the neighbouring colleges. Moreover, it is the only cell which supports four cultural clubs (Dance, Drama, Fashion, Rock Band) which are choreographed by the best artists in the entertainment industry. All our events are backed by celebrity judges from the Entertainment Industry.

3. Team Member Details

Faculty in Charge – Prof. Hari Iyer
Official Email Id:


4. List of Major Events

• Aaghaz - Intra Collegiate Cultural event / talent hunt- under Parichay for junior batch
• Fahrenheit - Inter Divisional Cultural Event under Augustus
• Salsa Workshop - Dance workshop organized in association with Salsa India
• Paragana - Performances by College Cultural Clubs
• Euphoria - Flagship Intercollege Cultural Fest


1. Functionality of the Cell

Ecolibria, The Economics and Strategy Cell, NMIMS focuses on the latest developments in application of principles of economics and strategy in the context of modern day business. The objective of the cell is to promote critical thinking among the students along the lines of economics – lack of which has been lamented by former RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan. Ecolibria provides ample opportunities for the students to learn from seasoned professionals by organising guest lecture series, formal and informal events, seminars, panel discussions etc.

2. Differentiating factor of the Cell

Ecolibria is one of the young cells on campus. Though we are a young cell, we deal with the mother of all social sciences – Economics! The cell nurtures the economics and strategy enthusiasts to become future leaders. We provide students platform to conduct research on key sectors driving Indian Economy. Ecolibria is also a platform to interact with the top officials in the Finance and Consulting domains. Leveraging on the strong bonds with the professional world, Ecolibria has opened door to the possibility of interning with giants like Motilal Oswal and EY.

3. Team Member Details

Faculty in Charge – Dr. Chandrima Sikdar
Official Email Id:


4. List of Major Events

• Eco-Week – A week full of seminars, budget sessions and strategy based events.
• Release of Bi-Annual magazine on major economic events all around the world, “Eco Shastra”
• EcoSutra – Sector Research Competition
• Case study competition, “The Consigliere”

Entrepreneurship Cell

1. Functionality of the Cell

Entrepreneurs are gradually yet steadily becoming the backbone of the Indian economy. Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit may perhaps be one of the best methods to develop the young generation. Seeds of Leadership are implanted among students of SBM, NMIMS through various events and activities such as guest lectures. Workshops and seminars are organized to allow the students opportunities to interact with industry experts. E-cell’s Annual Summit- Ennovate hosts such discussions and interactions where students and participants get a taste of the various flavours of Entrepreneurship. Students with innovative ideas are readily provided with Mentorship, guidance and support to go ahead with implementation along with access to wide network of Venture Capitalists through our coveted association with National Entrepreneurship network and Mumbai Angels. Our national level business plan competition Sutra is held every year in order to give a platform to budding entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas to venture capitalists and gain funding for their business plans.

2. Differentiating Factor of the Cell

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t. Apart from providing concrete support in terms of networking and platform, E-Cell members provide moral support and personal guidance to students interested in carrying forward their ideas. A possibility beyond regular placements is created for students exclusively by E-Cell. From the nurturing of the idea to the implementation stage, E-Cell gives a complete support to students.

3. Team member details

Faculty in Charge – Prof. Seema Mahajan
 Official Email Id:


4. List of major events:

• Ennovate - Annual Summit
• Sutra - National Level B-Plan Competition
• Pioneer Garage - Series of guest lectures by CEO's of various company
• Game of Tycoon - Fun + Negotiation Skills + Analytical Ability + Case Study
• Pucca Baniya


1. Functionality of the Cell

Mantavya - The Literary and Quizzing Cell of NMIMS, is a platform where mavericks, writers, quizzers, debaters, readers and creative minds confluence to come up with events that can challenge one's grey matter. It organizes mind sports to sharpen the intellectual, inquisitive and argumentative instincts. It conducts quizzes, debates, public speaking events and extempore on a regular basis. If you wish to learn while having fun, then Mantavya is the place to be!

2. Differentiating Factor of the Cell

We hold theme based quizzes & national level corporate quizzes to pique one's curiosity and knowledge 

National level competitions like Model United Nations & Business of Brands attract crowd from across the country 

Renowned Quizmasters from the Bombay Quiz Club like Mr. Amit Pandya (National Level Tata Crucible Winner), Mr. Souvik Basu and Mr. Alekhya Chakrabarty come to conduct our flagship quizzes

3. Team Member Details

Faculty In Charge – Manjari Srivastava
Official Email Id:


4. List of Major Events

• Business of Brands: National Level Corporate Quiz
• SBM Model United Nations: National Level Model United Nations
• Melange: Inter-college general quiz
• Lit as Fun: Pot pourri of various Literary events
• Author Connect: Guest speaking session by published authors

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