Functionality of the cell

“The Student Council serves as an umbrella body for the various clubs and committees of the college ensuring their seamless operation and alignment with the vision and mission of SBM NMIMS at all times. The Council diligently oversees all events, activities, and interactions that students have on campus and ensure that they are done in accordance with the university's culture, traditions and regulations.

At its core, the raison d'etre of the Student Council is to establish a formal communication channel between students, faculties, and the administration. Through close coordination with Student Council Representatives (SCRs) and Class Representatives (CRs), the Council acts as a bridge, advocating for students' interests and welfare, and representing their voice to the university stakeholders.

The Council also shoulders the responsibility of managing all student-related activities at NMIMS and takes charge of organizing prominent annual events such as "Paragana" – The flagship B-School festival, and "Euphoria" – The annual cultural fest, along with several other events. Additionally, it actively engages in public relations activities, supervises student publications and newsletters, and fosters a sense of unity and enthusiasm among the student body

Comprising 15 dedicated members, the Student Council stands as the pinnacle of student representation on campus. It values the input and opinions of every full-time student, embracing a collaborative approach to enhance the student experience. The Council works tirelessly towards shaping a brighter future, striving to create an exceptional educational journey for all students

In essence, the Student Council at SBM NMIMS serves as a guiding force, uniting the student community with various stakeholders, and working harmoniously to create a nurturing and vibrant environment that empowers every student to thrive and succeed.”

Differentiating Factor of the Cell

The Student Council is responsible for the activities of 14 other student bodies in the college. Being the apex body, they act as the common link between them all and ensure smooth functioning.

Team Member Details
Faculty In-Charge Student Activities: Prof. Hari Iyer
Official Email Id:
List of Major Events
  • MANAN: Traditional welcome for the first year students
  • Parichay: Intra-college B plan competition
  • Augustus: Intra-college cell activities under the Council’s banner
  • Paragana: Annual B-School Fest
  • Seminars: TEDxNMIMS, Corporate Seminars and Illuminar
  • Euphoria: Annual Cultural Fest
  • Sports:
    • Arcadia
    • NM Soccer League
    • NM Cricket League
    • NM Table Tennis League
    • Samarthya (Intercollege)


Participate in all major national and international education exhibitions/fairs to promote the university and its programmes in different parts of the country, Middle-east, Africa, Central Europe and other European and Asian countries.

Strengthen student-exchange relationships with well-known universities in different countries, which will help bring students from their campus in our programmes.

Strengthen the relationship with the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) ETS (Education Testing Service, New Jersey, U.S.A.) for GRE and SAT. We may also consider GRE and SAT scores for admissions to our Masters’ and Bachelors’ level admissions in other courses.

To ensure that the meritorious students are not denied the admission because of lack of resources, NMIMS will create scholarships and assistantship programme in partnership with industry and government to encourage excellence among students across programmes.

NMIMS will continue to recognize them through prizes which include cash awards and certificate of merits. Students will be mentored by the faculty. In the context of management students, efforts will be made to have joint mentorship with the industry faculty and executives.

To promote an all round development of the students, NMIMS will create a separate programme on soft skills, personality development and languages.

Students will also be encouraged to participate in national and international events.

Student council 2020-21

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