International Linkages

In an increasingly interdependent world, having a global perspective is important for success as a business leader. NMIMS’ School of Business Management (SBM) has developed programmes that provide students with cross-cultural exposure and international experiences in line with the global challenges of business. One such programme is the International Student Exchange Programme created to facilitate student collaboration and cross-cultural learning via partnerships with premier institutions around the world. SBM has partnership agreements with the following globally renowned Institutions:

Based on partnership agreements, every year several students get a chance to spend a term at a Partner University. The opportunity to study overseas enables students to gain an appreciation of education systems, pedagogies, business philosophies and cultures other than their own, enhances their personal growth and development and potentially makes students more attractive to future employers. Students who do not visit foreign universities as part of the exchange programme also benefit through interaction and collaboration with international students who visit SBM for a term.

Further, to enable students to understand the nuances of business at a global level, and to contribute effectively to business and sustainable environmental solutions, SBM has been providing opportunities to students to go on a 2-week International Internship and Entrepreneurship Programme organized by GreenContributor - a Canada-based organization. This programme allows students the opportunity to work in teams comprising of students and industry professionals from different parts of the world. These teams work together to apply the tools of design thinking – customer observation, brainstorming, and prototyping – to develop new products and services for companies ranging from local SMEs to international large-scale enterprises. These internships are based in the United States and different parts of Europe.

Both the International Student Exchange Programme and the International Internship and Entrepreneurship Programme help students enhance critical skills and characteristics such as collaboration, problem-solving, self-reliance, adaptability, and cross-cultural sensitivity.

The SBM also has a partnership with the Harvard Business School, USA for a Faculty Development Programme and has nominated faculty for participation in the Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning at Harvard University. The SBM has always been open to diverse influences, and in tune with global trends, the SBM continues to step up its efforts to internationalize its academic environment.

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