In an increasingly interdependent world, having a global perspective is important for success as a business leader. NMIMS’ School of Business Management (SBM) has developed programmes that provide students with cross-cultural exposure and international experiences in line with the global challenges of business. One such programme is the International Student Exchange Programme created to facilitate student collaboration and cross-cultural learning via partnerships with premier institutions around the world.

Mission & strategy


SBM has been re-accredited by AACSB in January 2023


SBM is ranked 83rd in the FT100 ranking list of Masters in Management programmes worldwide


SBM is an active EFMD member and a Communicating signatory to PRME

These international memberships, accreditations and rankings spur the SBM community to constantly engage in quality improvement measures, which enhance the impact of the School’s activities. One of the aspects of quality improvement for SBM is to augment a global mindset creation and cross cultural sensitivity.

The School of Business Management aims to further its institutional brand and mission by adopting a strategic approach to internationalization and demonstrate significant progress in terms of internationalizing several dimensions of its learner centric ecosystem.



Nurturing transformational leaders by developing a global mindset and cross-cultural sensitivity to lead, prosper and contribute in an increasingly interconnected world.

The internationalization mission aligns with the School’s mission of nurturing transformational leaders who can navigate diverse, global contexts with cross cultural sensitivity. SBM also aims to create a thriving research environment where the faculty members’ international collaborations produce impactful research.

  • SBM aims to employ the Internationalization at Home approach to achieve the internationalization of its activities.
  • SBM aims to leverage existing partnerships with international institutions and build new partnerships as a key element of this strategy.
  • SBM aims to deploy technology in actualizing several of the envisaged internationalization activities.
Professor Charles Dhanaraj

J Mack Robinson Professor,
Academic Director,
DBA Programs Robinson School of Business,
Georgia State University.

Professor Sridhar Seshadri

Alan J and Joyce D Baltz Professor,
Gies College of Business Health Innovation Professor,
Carle Illinois College of Medicine.

Professor Shelley Dionne

Dean and Professor of Management,
School of Management Binghamton University State University of
New York.

Professor Noel Lindsay

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation,
Dean of Business,
Adelaide Business School Pro Vice Chancellor Entrepreneurship,
The University of Adelaide.

Professor Agnes Nairn

Pro Vice Chancellor Global Engagement,
Co-Director of Bristol Hub for Gambling Harms Research Chair of Marketing
University of Bristol.

Ms Madhumita Banerjee

Associate Managing Director,
APAC Head Customer Screening Commercial Group,
Moody’s Investors Service,

Mr Kunal Modi

Client Success Partner,
Markets Commercial Unit Leader - Automotive,
Transportation and Logistics Cognizant,
Atlanta, Georgia.


SBM has partnership agreements with the following globally renowned Institutions:

Based on partnership agreements, every year several students get a chance to spend a term at a Partner University. The opportunity to study overseas enables students to gain an appreciation of education systems, pedagogies, business philosophies and cultures other than their own, enhances their personal growth and development and potentially makes students more attractive to future employers. Students who do not visit foreign universities as part of the exchange programme also benefit through interaction and collaboration with international students who visit SBM for a term.

Further, to enable students to understand the nuances of business at a global level, and to contribute effectively to business and sustainable environmental solutions, SBM has been providing opportunities to students to go on a 2-week International Internship and Entrepreneurship Programme organized by GreenContributor - a Canada-based organization. This programme allows students the opportunity to work in teams comprising of students and industry professionals from different parts of the world. These teams work together to apply the tools of design thinking – customer observation, brainstorming, and prototyping – to develop new products and services for companies ranging from local SMEs to international large-scale enterprises. These internships are based in the United States and different parts of Europe.

Both the International Student Exchange Programme and the International Internship and Entrepreneurship Programme help students enhance critical skills and characteristics such as collaboration, problem-solving, self-reliance, adaptability, and cross-cultural sensitivity.

The SBM also has a partnership with the Harvard Business School, USA for a Faculty Development Programme and has nominated faculty for participation in the Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning at Harvard University. The SBM has always been open to diverse influences, and in tune with global trends, the SBM continues to step up its efforts to internationalize its academic environment.

SBM: Internationalization across Faculty

The current level of internationalization, as reflected in the profile of the faculty, the student body, and the alumni, is noteworthy and indicative of a robust global engagement strategy.

Faculty Profile

The faculty exhibit a high degree of international exposure and experience. Several faculty members hold international academic qualifications from renowned institutions across the world, including prestigious universities in the UK, the USA, and Ireland. Moreover, many faculty members have substantial overseas work experience, holding positions in countries such as the UK, the USA, Ireland, Finland, and Taiwan. Their overseas work experience not only enriches their academic prowess but also allows them to bring real-world international insights into their teaching and research.

Student Exchange

The School's network of international academic relations is characterized by a diverse and extensive range of partner universities and institutions around the world. These partnerships serve to promote collaboration, student and faculty exchanges, research initiatives, and a global perspective in academic activities. Here is an overview of the School's network of international academic relations with its partner universities:

This partnership provides opportunities for academic collaboration, joint research, and student exchange programs, and offers a platform for joint academic endeavors. Overall, the School's network of international academic relations spans across continents and includes prestigious universities and institutions. These collaborations contribute to the institution's global outlook, offering diverse opportunities for students, faculty, and research endeavors. The partnerships foster internationalization, knowledge sharing, and the development of a global academic community.

SBM: International Relations Office

SBM's International Relations Office is thoughtfully structured to resonate with the institution's overarching mission of nurturing transformational leaders with a global mindset and cross-cultural sensitivity. With a primary focus on enriching the global outlook of the School, the International Relations Office facilitate internationalization initiatives within the academic institution. The goal is to promote international collaboration, providing essential support for students and faculty engaged in diverse international activities. By aligning with SBM’s mission, the office aims to instill in students and faculty the values of cross-cultural sensitivity, preparing them to lead, prosper, and contribute in an interconnected global landscape.

Additionally, an International Student Relations (ISR) club is there, which collaborates with the International Relations Office to assist in achieving multiple objectives. Here are some common objectives for which an Internationals Relations office is formed.

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SBM Students attending Exchange Program
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