Upwards and Onwards
(A Graduate outcome for 2022-23)

Established in 1981, the School of Business Management at NMIMS Mumbai has consistently secured a place among the elite B-Schools of India. The institute has a rich legacy of producing illustrious business leaders who spearhead progress and innovation. In a rapidly changing economic landscape, individuals possessing a high level of critical thinking ability, analytical mindset, cognitive acumen and technical proficiency are in great demand. As part of NMIMS, it is our unwavering commitment to grooming a constant flow of astute, young business leaders with the ability to perform in any industry. 

Under the tutelage of highly skilled faculties, the school endeavors to nurture influential business leaders by providing them with the knowledge and skills they require to work efficiently for the benefit of all stakeholders. Both the MBA and MBA (Human Resource) programs offer a diverse array of courses relevant to the contemporary business realm, thus providing each student with the opportunity to shape their learning and development trajectory as per their goals. 

We are thrilled to be among the Top 100 Global B-Schools in the FT Masters in Management 2022 Rankings, a testament to the globally benchmarked learning experience provided by SBM. This has been made possible with the achievements of our alumni and the consistent trust of the recruiters in SBM graduates. 

Despite the challenges in the markets, over 175 companies recruited, offering sought-after profiles to students, thus bolstering our credibility. The average salaries of the Flagship MBA and MBA (Human Resource) programs are ₹26.63L and ₹19.56L, respectively. Over one-third of the batch received pre-placement offers for their superior on-the-job performance during their summer internships. 

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed recruiters for laying the groundwork for our students' careers and providing them with the opportunities to prove themselves and progress in their careers. We are confident that the School of Business Management, Mumbai, NMIMS University, will continue to move forward towards achieving its vision of developing academic and research excellence that develops transformational leaders for an inclusive and sustainable world.


Contact Details

022-42355684 / 76 / 77 / 78
School of Business Management NMIMS,
V. L. Mehta road Vile Parle (West), Mumbai - 400056,India

Placement & Corporate Relations

Ms. Shobha Pai
Director Placements
Tel : +91-22-42355676

Ms. Vedangi Mayekar
Deputy Director
Tel : +91-22-42355678

Ms. Arti Karamchandani
Assistant Director
Tel : +91-22-42355677

Mr. Jayesh Ahuja
Assistant Director
Tel : +91-22-42332264

Career Advisory Committee

Prof. Anupam Rastogi (Chair) 

Ms Shobha Pai
Director Placements
Dr. Geeta D’Souza
Chair: Student Activities
Dr. Hema Bajaj
Chair: MBA HR Program
Dr. Harikumar Iyer
Chair: MBA Pharma
Prof. Binesh Nair
Chair: MBA DSA
Dr. Alaknanda Menon
Chair: MBA REM
Prof. Sridhar Vaithianathan
Chair: MBA (Business Analytics)
Mr Tejash Somaiya
Deputy Registrar

Student Placement Committee

Name E-mail
Shrey Sheth (President) shrey.sheth731@nmims.in
Divanshu Arora (Vice President) divanshu.arora498@nmims.in
Aasha Kumari aasha.kumari605@nmims.in
Abhishek Pareek  abhishek.pareek096@nmims.in 
Aditya Khangar  aditya.khangar382@nmims.in 
Amit Kumar Dwivedi  amitkumar.dwivedi136@nmims.in 
Ayush Padhi  ayush.padhi208@nmims.in 
Ayushya Avi  ayushya.avi244@nmims.in 
Bidisha Parashar  bidisha.parashar091@nmims.in 
Divyam Kushwaha  divyam.kushwaha209@nmims.in 
Harshal Yewale  harshal.yewale588@nmims.in 
Karun Kaimal  karun.kaimal311@nmims.in 
Nabhaneel Chattopadhyay  nabhaneel.chattopadhyay222@nmims.in 
Nanditha Saravanakumar  nanditha.saravanakumar572@nmims.in 
Nilanjana Ghosh  nilanjana.ghosh255@nmims.in 
Pranish Pandey  pranish.pandey273@nmims.in
Prasun Sarkar prasun.sarkar211@nmims.in
Pritam Ghosh pritam.ghosh457@nmims.in
Rutvik Desai rutvik.desai804@nmims.in
Santanu Kumar Mahapatra santanukumar.mahapatra288@nmims.in
Shreyash Jain shreyash.jain316@nmims.in
Sushant Mithal sushant.mithal876@nmims.in
Swetha K swetha.k791@nmims.in

Placement Redressal Committee (PRC)
Annanya annanya390@nmims.in
Swati Singh swati.singh193@nmims.in
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