Gayatri Sampath

Assistant Professor, PhD

I am a management professional with over 20 years of industry and academic experience. After 15 years in the corporate world and a decade of academic association as visiting faculty with various business schools, I switched to full-time research and teaching in 2011. After completing my PhD (2011-2016), I joined academia as an Assistant Professor in the Business Environment & Strategy Department of SBM. My doctoral dissertation, defended successfully in 2016, was inspired by my consulting experiences and is in the domain of organisational agility.

I have presented my research work in conferences and published papers in domestic and international journals. My research interests include studying drivers of building agile and resilient organisations and the practice of capability building in start-ups and small businesses.


  • Strategic Management (I&II)
  • Strategies for Digital Business Transformation
  • Business Models & Plans
  • International Business Management
  • Strategic Alliances

Expertise and Research Interest

No. of Citations– Google Scholar - 8

ORCID Number - https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8335-5557

Selected Publications

  • Microfoundations approach to strategic agility – Exploration to operationalization – Journal of General Management (Sage Publications) – Forthcoming
  • Ethical expectations and ethnocentric thinking; Exploring the adequacy of Technology Acceptance Model for millennial consumers on multisided platforms - International Journal of Ethics and Systems (Emerald Publications) - Forthcoming
  • The Emerging World Order of Digital Economy: Strategic Perspectives - NMIMS Journal of Economics and Public Policy (University Day Special - January 2018)
  • Is Strategic Agility the new Holy Grail? Exploring the Strategic Agility construct –International Journal of Business Excellence (Inderscience Publishers), Vol 13, No 2, 2017
  • Exploring the Significance of Strategic Agility in Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Retail Banks (Working Paper No. ST-16-01)- NMIMS School of Business Management Working Paper Series, 2016

Case Studies

  • Striders: Running Toward or Away from Growth? (Ivey Publishing - Product Number: 9B19M045
  • Shrujan – Weaving long lasting threads of life – (Ivey Publishing – Under Review)

Conferences and Workshops

  • Role of interoperability and interconnectivity in the adoption of mobile wallets: extension of the UTAUT2 Model – paper presented at Thought Leaders Conference on Managing Business and Innovation in Emerging Markets, organised by Journal of Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) at ISB, Hyderabad, April 2018
  • Understanding effects of perceived control and security concerns on intention to adopt robo-advisory – Paper accepted for presentation at 11th ISDSI International Conference, IIM Tiruchirappalli – December, 2017
  • Strategic Agility in Serendipitous Times - Lessons from India's Demonetization Experience - Paper accepted for presentation at Global Science & Technology Forum - 7th Annual International Conference on Business Strategy in the Age of Disruption – August 2017
  • The Emerging World Order of Digital Economy: Strategic Perspectives – Paper presented at 2nd NMIMS Business School Industry Interaction Conference, Business Excellence in Digital Economy – January 2017
  • The Significance of Learning, Market and Entrepreneurial Orientation in Performance of Retail Banks in India – Paper accepted for poster presentation at 7th IIM-Ahmedabad Conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies, January 2017.
  • Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Retail Banking – Exploring the Significance of Strategic Agility – Paper accepted in ICOM 2015 (Abu Dhabi) – August 2015
  • Are Indian banks strategically agile? Scope for adapting strategic agility to Indian retail banking sector – Paper presented in Great Lakes – Union Bank Banking Conference (2013)
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