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The MBA (Healthcare Management) is a multi-disciplinary professional programme focused at preparing future Healthcare executives for management and leadership positions, dedicated to building and managing Healthcare systems and organizations aimed at delivering quality health service delivery across all sectors. The program seeks to present a deep immersion of the healthcare sector with a global focus, identifying providers' trends and issues. The program is especially useful to young graduates having interest in managerial and leadership positions within hospitals and health systems, health insurance industry, health policy, and healthcare consulting firms.

It is structured in six trimesters of 12 weeks each and includes 5 trimesters of course work and one trimester of practical residency (internship) with Healthcare centric institutions.

Programme is built on principles of strategic problem-solving and innovation and aims to develop the business acumen, leadership potential along with analytical, technical, and management skills required to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, and integration of health and Healthcare organizations and systems.


Program Objective:

  • Develop capability to design and manage an effective healthcare delivery system
  • Provide strong fundamentals to develop healthcare entrepreneurial mindset
  • Provide framework to create and manage a patient-centric organization
  • Equip participants with relevant skills and knowledge to manage digital disruption
  • Prepare for managing challenges of Healthcare costs, quality, and access
  • Train to leverage cutting edge technology and analytical tools

Chairperson's Message


Dr. Neha Sadhotra

Program Chairperson – MBA (HealthCare Management)

School of Business Management (SBM), NMIMS is paving the way of paradigm shift in the Management education with excellent peer learning environment powered with world class infrastructure in a vibrant campus situated in one of the best localities in the Financial capital of India. The institute has emerged as a leading B-School in India by promoting allied areas of knowledge and nurturing future leaders by providing them operative, practical and theoretical exposure about the industry.  Since its inception, SBM has been attentive to corporate needs, and now the institution has extended that knowledge to the field of HealthCare industry by launching MBA in HealthCare Management program.

Our MBA Healthcare Management Program is a carefully crafted, unique domain specific course for aspirants aiming for managerial and leadership positions in the HealthCare businesses. The program is oriented towards the betterment of our HealthCare systems. We aim to prepare aspirants to lead businesses using a dual-excellence approach that develops the perfect balance of know-how of the HealthCare industry, combined with management expertise and academic rigour, which one gains by learning from leading experts in Academia and Industry practice. The overall orientation of the programme and the pedagogical engagement ensures that the participants are appreciative of the ongoing changes and disruptions, and are trained as realistic and responsible professionals. On the pedagogical front, participants absorb learnings through live projects, industrial training, guest lectures, and real life case studies.  We not only prepare skilled professionals but inculcate values that make participants competent and versatile in HealthCare sector.

The Health Hour

In conversation with Dr. Vijay Agarwal, President of the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO), India who alludes about empowering the patients and a paradigm shift in healthcare towards the patient-centric approach.


In conversation with Dr. Vijay Agarwal, President of the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO), India who alludes about empowering the patients and a paradigm shift in healthcare towards the patient-centric approach.

Advisory Board


The course will be taught through a multidisciplinary approach with a combination of lectures, case studies, simulation, and interactions by executives and industry experts delivered in synchronous mode.

Participants will analytic frameworks, concepts, tools, and skills necessary for leading and managing organizational learning, quality improvement, innovation, and overall performance in healthcare organizations.


Batch : 2024-25 Onwards
Trimester - IV Trimester - V Trimester - VI
Sr.No. Course Name Credits Sr.No. Course Name Credits Sr.No. Course Name Credits
1 Product & Brand Management 3 1 Medical Tourism 1.5 1 14- 16 Week Internship 15
2 HealthCare Financing 3 2 HealthCare Service Excellence 3
3 Venturing in HealthCare Business 3 3 Strategic Cost Management 3
4 Economic Evaluation in Healthcare 3 4 Health Insurance 1.5
5 HealthCare Data Analytics 3 5 Governance & Sustainability Issues in Healthcare 1.5
6 Supply Chain Management in HealthCare 3 6 HealthCare Consulting 1.5
7 Digital Transformation in HealthCare 3
Total 18 Total 15 Total 15
Batch : 2024-25
Trimester - I Trimester - II Trimester - III
Sr.No. Course Name Credits Sr.No. Course Name Credits Sr.No. Course Name Credits
1 Introduction to Indian and Global HealthCare Systems 3 1 Leading People and Organisations in Service Business 3 1 Human Resources in HealthCare Organizations 3
2 Statistical Reasoning in HealthCare 3 2 Applied Methods for Optimizing Performance in HealthCare Organizations 3 2 Hospital Administration Fundamentals 3
3 Financial & Management Accounting 3 3 Fundamentals of Financial Management 3 3 HealthCare Quality & Patient Safety Mangement 3
4 Principles of Economics for Health 3 4 Healthcare Informatics 3 4 Strategy Formulation and Execution 3
5 Mangerial Communication - I 1.5 5 Mangerial Communication - II 1.5 5 Operations Management for Healthcare Systems ( Systems name should be replaced as Organization) 3
6 Marketing Management 3 6 Public Health and Policy Issues 3 6 Marketing Research should be named as (Research Methodology) 3
7 Legal and Ethical Issues in HealthCare 3
Total 16.5 Total 19.5 Total 18


CPR Awareness Drive-

The Student Council of MBA Healthcare Management organized a “CPR Awareness Drive” in Collaboration with Revive Heart Foundation on September 27, 2023, at Atrium, SBM NMIMS, Mumbai. The esteemed guests were Ms. Sumaiya Raghavan (The Operation Head) and Mr. Ganesh Chauhan (Assistant).

The event aimed to educate participants on CPR techniques and raise awareness about its importance in saving lives during cardiac emergencies. CPR techniques were demonstrated and practiced by participants, with hands-on training. Attendees who completed training received CPR certification. The event successfully raised CPR awareness and equipped participants with life-saving skills.



9th International Patient Safety Conference (IPSC Apollo):

The students of MBA Healthcare Management had an opportunity to attend the 9th Apollo International Patient Safety Conference in New Delhi on 13-14th February, 2023. The students were honoured to present their posters on topics like patient safety and quality, healthcare IT, and patient experience.


CAHO SAKCON, 2nd Edition:

MBA Healthcare Management students had the privilege of attending the 2nd edition of CAHO SAKCON at the prestigious NIMHANS Convention Centre on September 16th 2023.

This enlightening conference featured a total of 5 engaging sessions, each packed with invaluable insights. The highlight of the event was the panel discussions, where every panellist left an indelible mark on the healthcare industry.


2nd National Diagnostic Forum & Awards, Voice of Healthcare:

Our university had the privilege of serving as “Academic Partners” for the 2nd National Diagnostics Forum hosted by Voice of Healthcare in Mumbai. This enlightening conference featured 5 engaging Panel discussions ranging from Leadership in Diagnosis, Patient- Centred excellence to Investment strategies and Emerging trends. The highlight of the event was Fireside Chat where students received an illuminating perspective on the Diagnostic Industry.

Also, we are thrilled to share that our MBA Healthcare Management program within the School of Business Management, NMIMS University was presented with an award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare Management Education’

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates holding a Medical degree- MBBS/BDS/BPT/BHMS/BAMS/BUMS/BYNS or a degree in Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Biotechnology, Bio-Medical, Food Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals Technology, Microbiology, Bioengineering with at least 50% aggregate marks. Candidates who have appeared for their final year degree examination can also apply & graduation(Qualifying)examination should have been conducted before the course commencement date.
  • Doctors, Dentists, and other Medical professionals who have worked in Public/ Private/ Non-profit hospitals who are involved in the management and administration of the healthcare services
  • Medical professionals who are running their own businesses and want to enhance their management skills so as to deliver superior service and improve the top line and the bottom line
  • Para-Medical professionals who have worked in the healthcare industry and looking to upgrade their skills and thereby accelerate their career growth
  • Non-medical graduates who have worked in the healthcare industry and looking to upgrade their skills and thereby, accelerate their career growth can also apply.  A minimum of 2 years of healthcare sector experience is required for these candidates


  • Online registration at
  • Before filling the online form, please read all the instructions carefully mentioned in the Instruction Sheet and also refer the Important Dates.
  • Online Registration Fee is Rs. 2,500/- (This is one-time nonrefundable fee, no fees will be charged for Personal Interview)
  • Registration Fee is non-refundable.

Selection Procedure:

Merit list will be generated on the basis of Group Discussion & Personal Interview

Fees: The Fees for Batch - 2023 will be informed during admission process.

Industry Mentor Program

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction”

Mentorship is an invaluable key to success. Many of the leaders in Indian history were trained by their mentors - Pandit Nehru by Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Chandragupta Maurya by Kautilya, and many others. NMIMS is keen to ‘Industry mentorship program’ to build students’ industry experience through expert guidance and professional insights. The goal of this program is to unleash the intrinsic power of mentoring – at scale and with consistent impact – to enable our students to achieve their highest educational and career aspirations.

Program structure:

The NMIMS Industry mentor program pairs students with HealthCare experts considering their interest areas to facilitate the development of their leadership and professional skills. Through this program, mentors share industry experiences, personal and professional insights, and strategies for success.

Students will be matched with an accomplished mentor who is keen to assist with their personal and professional development as a mentee. Through their mentorship, students can receive exposure to healthcare industry along with fresh perspectives and insights to extend their horizons.


  • Being guided in identifying and achieving career goals
  • Being able to identify and fill knowledge and skill gaps, and gaining confidence.
  • Acquiring and retaining a wider view of various opportunities
  • Having access to a senior role model
  • Gaining insights into industry culture
  • Building connections and networks

Role of the Mentor:

As a mentor, professionals will help build the mentee's industry experience by providing expert guidance. Mentors work with the mentee to help chart a personal plan for success. The Industry Mentor Program includes training sessions, one-on-one guidance from an experienced industry professional, and invitations to networking events. Participants will commit to these program specifications:

  • Being involved for a minimum of one academic year
  • Participating in regular one-on-one meetings
  • Conducting training sessions
  • Keeping discussions confidential
  • Contributing to the Academia


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