The MBA-HR program was conceptualized and started in 2011 with the purpose of developing professionals with a strong grounding in the HR domain as well as possessing a deep understanding of business and other functions. Over this nine-year journey, through our rigorous and contemporary curriculum along with strong academia and industry interface, we have been able to develop strong HR professionals who are placed in organizations across diverse sectors in India and other countries. In the last few years, we have consistently been placed amongst the top-ranking MBA-HR programs in the country.


  • Healthy mix of courses and workshops to build a strong knowledge base as well as develop hands-on skills. There are 39 courses and 15 workshops spread over six trimesters.
  • Sector Specific Inputs through continuous interactions with Business and HR leaders along with doing live corporate projects in multiple sectors like Automobile, IT, BFSI, FMCG and Pharma, Business Advisory, HR Consulting, Telecommunications, Retail (Brick and Mortar and E-commerce) etc.
  • Business Research Workshops and Dissertation to enhance skills of opportunity recognition, problem identification and solving, critical thinking and ability to work independently.
  • A Workshop and a Course on HR Analytics along with an enhanced focus on data and analytics in every course.
  • 8-10 weeks of Summer Internship
  • Substantial course offerings and workshops from other functional areas
  • Capstone- the Business Simulation

Pedagogy and Faculty

Our pedagogy includes case study methodology, live group and individual assignments, role plays, games and simulations, lectures, self-assessments, field studies etc that are instrumental in building a wide range of comprehensive skills like conceptual, analytical, interpersonal, and technical. Constant feedback and stage-wise evaluation of assignments/projects by faculty ensure that learning is continuous and constantly reinforced. Our faculty comprises academicians with strong research credentials and industry experts with experience across varied sectors at senior levels of management, ensuring that learning of students is well rounded.


Our curriculum review guidelines that require at least 20% review and updating of all courses every year, along with constant feedback from our stakeholders, ensured that our course structure and course contents were always contemporary and kept pace with changes in the industry. However, to anticipate the skill requirements in our fast digitizing, data-driven industry, we initiated the process of CCR (Comprehensive Curriculum Review) of the program in June, 2019. The process included multiple phases:

Phase 1: Generating inputs from industry, alumni, present senior students and academia (Indian and International).

Phase 2: Information Analysis, structuring courses and developing broad course outlines

Phase 3: Approval from our Board of Studies that includes CEOs and CHROs of Large Corporations and Conglomerates, Founders of Start-Ups, and Academicians from other Premier Institutions.

Phase 4:Including inputs from BOS, adapting the initial course offerings.

Phase 5:Internal Appraisal and Approval and finalization of course offerings

The process of CCR was completed in February, 2020 and resulted in a program structure where every course will enable students to:

  • Build business acuity
  • Harness technology for high impact organizations
  • Develop research-driven business solutions
  • Augment Sociological, Anthropological, Psychological, Economics and Global outlook while anticipating needs of new workforce and gig economy

Eligibility Criteria

Selection process is separate (Mumbai Campus)

Bachelor's Degree in any discipline from a recognized University with minimum 50% marks in the aggregate. * Sub clauses 3.1 to 3.7 are also applicable.

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