This two –years, full-time MBA course is a domain-specific course which concentrates on preparing the students to enter the pharmaceutical industry. After graduation students join the industry in various sectors such as; Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Market Research, Consultancy, IT Healthcare Verticals, Diagnostics, Medical Communication, Nutraceuticals and other allied healthcare sectors. The profile of job they enter into covers Sales, Marketing, Business Analysis, Project Management, Client Servicing and Business Development, International Marketing, Operations etc. Some of our graduates are working in international assignments across the globe in the US, EU, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. This programme started in 2003 and is sixteen-years-old. Unlike the National Ranking of MBA Programme offered by various B-Schools, there is no formal ranking for this sector-specific program. However, MBA Pharmaceutical Management Programme offered by SVKM’s NMIMS School of Business Management is arguably ranked number one in the country and is one of the earliest pharma focused programmes in the country. This programme is well recognised and well received by the industry.

Programme Objectives

The objective of MBA Pharmaceuticals Management course is to develop students, over the period of two years, engaging in multi-disciplinary management courses through rigorous fieldwork and academics, for managerial positions in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Students spend 8 weeks of summer Internship with Pharmaceutical, Medical Communication or Medical Devices Companies.

Every week, in addition to academics, one full day is devoted to fieldwork in every trimester involving visits to Doctors, Patients, Retailers, Wholesalers, Medical Sales Representatives and Area Sales Managers. In the first year, over 18 field projects are carried out as part of experiential learning. Total Field work exceeds 180 hours and requires an additional 100 hours of data analysis. Students carry out multiple projects throughout the two years, both as a part of their curriculum and for the corporates.

Value Proposition

This is one of the best, most sought after and top programmes in the country and annually revisited by the institute and chieftains from the industry for the purpose of upgrading the programme to make it contemporary and relevant to the industry. The attempt is to get the best in the industry to come and teach in this MBA Programme, so the faculty consists of our full-time teachers as well as many from the industry who are well known functional heads and already established as authorities in their specialized zones. The course concentrates on both theoretical as well as the practical aspect of each subject.

Additionally, Institute-Industry connect exposes the students to CEOs and HR Heads visiting the campus frequently to address our students to broaden their perspectives on the industry.

The students are also given hands-on exposure to managing a multitude of cells and clubs to plan, organize and execute various events and activities in and off the campus.

Industry Awards and Recognition

There are 15 awards for various courses which have been instituted by companies as academic awards of excellence for students who perform exceptionally well. A gold and a silver medal for the 1st and 2nd rank holders along with a merit certificate is awarded by the sponsoring companies during the Award Ceremony. The sponsoring companies are Abbott, ACG Worldwide, AIOCD-Pharmasofttech AWACS Pvt Ltd, Allergan India Pvt Ltd, Cipla Ltd, Dr. Anji Reddy Memorial Award, Eisai, GlaxoSmithKline, Himalaya Drug Company, Indegene Lifesystems Ltd, Macleod, Medley, Novartis India Award and Zydus Cadila Award and Late Dr. S.K. Punshi Memorial Award.

An annual award ceremony is held where the sponsor company’s senior management hands over these awards to the students every year.


The University maintains a close connection with the pharmaceutical industry as well as consultancy companies who help us to update the course as Board of Studies. The Board of studies is drawn from who’s who of the industry at the CEO and Managing Director level.


Lectures, Case-discussions (mainly Harvard and Indian cases developed by faculty), Live experiential outbound learnings, Workshops, Role plays, Video-based discussions and field work are extensively incorporated in this programme to impart knowledge and skills.


SVKM’s NMIMS, School of Business Management Master of Business Administration (Pharmaceutical Management) : First Year (2020-21)
Trimester I Trimester II Trimester III
Business Environment and Strategy
  • Pharma Business Environment (1.5)
  • Principles and Practices of Management in Pharma Industry(3)
  • Research Methodology (1.5)
  • Ethical Issues in Management(1.5)
  • Legal Environment of Organizations (1.5)
  • Strategic Management (1.5)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility(1.5)
  • Written Communication(1.5)
  • Oral Communication (1.5)
  • Spanish /Mandarin (1.5)
  • Spanish / Mandarin(1.5)
  • Microeconomics(3)
  • Macroeconomics(3)
Finance Area
  • Financial Accounting and Analysis(1.5)
  • Cost and Management Accounting(1.5)
  • Financial Management(3)
Human Resource and Behavioral Sciences
  • Individual Dynamics and Leadership(1.5)
  • Group and Organizational Dynamics(1.5)
  • Human Resource Management(1.5)
Information System
  • Information System for Management(1.5)
Marketing Area
  • Marketing Management (1.5)
  • Listening to Customers – I (3)
  • Marketing of Medical Devices(1.5)
  • Principles and Practices of Sales Management (3)
  • Listening to Customers – II (3)
  • Consumer Behavior in Pharma (1.5)
  • Brand Management in Pharma(1.5)
  • Listening to Customers- III (3)
  • Business Development in Pharma (1.5)
  • Pharma Brand Promotion- I (1.5)
  • Marketing Research(1.5)
Operations and Decision Sciences
  • Statistical Analysis(1.5)
  • Operations Management(1.5)
2019-20 Total No. of Credits: 19.5 Total No. of Credits: 22.5 Total No. of Credits: 19.5

Total No. of Credits: 61.5
Total Courses: 33
Value added workshops (non-credit): 1. Taking a Brand OTC 2. Career Planning 3. Corporate Compliance

SVKM’s NMIMS, School of Business Management Master of Business Administration (Pharmaceutical Management) : Second Year (2020-21)
Trimester IV Trimester V Trimester VI
Business Environment and Strategy
  • Managing IPR in Pharma (1.5)
  • Strategic Brand Management in Pharma (1.5)
  • Managing the Frontline Manager(3)
Finance Area
  • Strategic Financial Management(3)
Human Resource and Behavioral Sciences
  • Managing Innovation in Pharma (3)
  • OB in Pharma(1.5)
  • People Management(1.5)
  • Managing the Self in Organizational Context(1.5)
Information System
Marketing Area
  • Pharma Brand Promotion II (1.5)
  • Marketing Research(LTS)-4 (Weekly Fieldwork, Preparation of Questionnaire, Research design, Review of Field work) (1.5)
  • Launching a New Product (1.5)
  • Marketing Analytics I(1.5)
  • Marketing of API (1.5)
  • Pricing Strategy in Pharma Industry (1.5)
  • Good Marketing Practices (1.5)
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation (1.5)
  • Strategic Brand Marketing Plan (3) *

Option 1 (Any one) (1.5)

  • Marketing Practices in International Markets in Pharma
  • Launching a New Division
  • Business Leadership in Pharma (3)
  • Marketing Analytics II (1.5)
  • Strategic Brand Marketing Plan (3)
  • Country Analysis and Pharma Clusters(3)
  • Emotional Branding

Option 2 (Any one) (1.5)

  • Managing Multinational Companies
  • Promotion of Medical Devices to Hospitals
  • CRM Practices in Pharma
Operations and Decision Sciences
  • Managing Quality and Regulatory Practices in Pharma (1.5)
  • Managing Distribution Channels in Pharma(1.5)
  • Strategic Procurement (1.5)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices(1.5)
  • Supply Chain Management in Pharma(1.5)
2019-20 Total No. of Credits: 19.5 Total No. of Credits: 19.5 Total No. of Credits: 13.5

Total No. of Credits: 52.5
Total Courses: 28

* The course ‘Strategic Brand Marketing Plan’ which is a 6 credit course, commences from Trimester V (3 credit) to be continued and evaluated in Trimester VI (6 credit).

Eligibility Criteria

Selection for this program is through a separate process of GMAC by NMAT exam, Pharma Aptitude test and GDPI.

Bachelor's Degree/Master’s Degree in Pharmacy, Life Sciences, MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bioengineering from a recognized University with minimum 50% marks in the aggregate.

Candidates with B.Tech. or B.E. in Bio-Tech. or Bio-Medical are also eligible to apply.

Both, candidates working in Pharmaceutical Companies as well as freshers, can apply.


We have the following pharmaceutical companies and consultancy companies who regularly select students from our MBA, Pharmaceutical Management programme. We have had a 100% placement record in the last 16 years for summer internships as well as final placements.

Summer Assignments

We place all our students with pharma companies and/or consultancy firms for two months in summer. Based on industry evaluation of the student, each student is further "guided” and "counselled” to improve his / her key strengths. This is based on the "feedback” we receive from the corporates in the industry.

Full-Time Assignments

The following companies have selected students from our MBA Programme: Abbott, ACG Worldwide, AIOCD AWACS, Alembic, Alkem, Allergan, Astra Zeneca, Bayer, Biocon, Boehringer Ingelheim, Boston Scientific, Cognizant, Curatio, Dr. Reddy’s, Eisai Pharma, Galderma, Glenmark, GSK, IMS Health, Indegene, Infosys, Insignia, Macleods, Microlabs, MSD, Mylan, Novartis, Novo-Nordisk, Pfizer, Ranbaxy, and Roche, Servier, Smart Cube, Sun Pharma, Tech Mahindra, Torrent Pharma, USV Limited, Zydus Cadila and many other start-up companies.

Listening to Stakeholders

Listening to stakeholders is a very important course that ensures that every student spends one-full day every week in the field gathering information from various stakeholders and another half-day per week is spent in analytics. The main focus of this course is to prepare students so that they may join the pharmaceutical industry as a Management Trainee upon graduation and compete with the best and the brightest among any institute of management. This course concentrates on Economics, law (laws related to business, pricing, compliance, regulatory, IPR etc.), Production systems, Good Manufacturing Practices, Quality Assurance, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Good Marketing Practices, Costing and Accounting, H.R. Practices in Pharma, Strategic Procurement in Pharma, Supply Chain and Distribution Management, International Marketing, Managing R and D and Innovation in Pharma, Strategic Brand Management, Launching New Products, Written and Oral Communication, Pricing and Pharmaceuticals Promotion are some of the courses taught in this programme. Apart from the above courses, one foreign-language, Mandarin or Spanish, is compulsory. This is arguably one of the most rigorous MBA courses in the country. The main differentiator in this course is to have industry and academics work closely both, in selecting and teaching the candidates. This is the only MBA Programme where every student has to work for six months on a Brand Dissertation to develop an end-to-end Strategic Brand Marketing Plan.

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